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Maker Model Type
Bourgeois GuitarNew 0 - Country Boy Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$4,810
Collings GuitarNew 003 Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$4,590
Collings GuitarNew 290 S, Faded crimson Solid Body ElectricOrig. Hard$2,745
Collings GuitarNew 290, Orange, Bigsby vibrato, TV Jones pickups Solid Body ElectricOrig. Hard$3,375
Collings GuitarNew D2H Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$3,555
Collings GuitarNew D2H, Sunburst Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$4,095
Collings GuitarNew Eastside LC, Dark cherry sunburst, Prototype, Deep body Arch-Top ElectricOrig. Hard$5,490
Collings GuitarNew OM1, Sunburst, All mahogany, 1 3/4" nut Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$5,110
Collings GuitarNew OM2H, 1 3/4" nut Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$3,625
Dobro Guitar "Radio Tone" Cyclops square neck Resophonic1933Chipboard$1,495
Electromuse Guitarblue lap steel Lap Steel1940sChipboard$195
Electromuse GuitarElectromuse Lap Steellate 1940sChipboard$225
Epiphone GuitarElitist Les Paul Solid Body Electric2004Orig. Hard$875
Fender GuitarStratocaster Anniversary Solid Body Electric1978Orig. Hard$1,499
Fender GuitarStratocaster VG (w/Roland) Solid Body Electric2007Orig. Hard$1,125
Gibson GuitarES-175 D Natural (original lefthanded) Arch-Top Electric1957Orig. Hard$12,000
Gibson GuitarSG Standard Solid Body Electric1979OHSC$1,995
Gretsch GuitarNew G5415 Special Jet, Black Solid Body Electricno$298
Gretsch GuitarNew G5422TDC Electromatic Hollow Body, Transparent red Arch-Top Electricno$875
Gretsch GuitarNew G5445T Double Jet with Bigsby, Black Solid Body Electricno$595
Hilo GuitarStyle 640 all-koa Weissenborn style Resophonicc. 1926Import Hard$1,450
Huss & Dalton GuitarNew T-0014, Custom Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$4,440
Huss & Dalton GuitarNew Traditional OM, Custom, Adirondack top, Sinker mahogany Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$4,560
Kremona GuitarNew Fiesta FS Classicalno$899
Kremona GuitarNew Rondo R65CW Solid Spruce Top Walnut BackSides Fishman Pickup Classicalno$725
Loar GuitarNew LH-309-VS Arch-Top ElectricOrig. Hard$795
Martin GuitarNew 000-28 Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$2,649
Martin GuitarNew D-1GT Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$900
Martin GuitarNew D-1GT Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,049
Martin GuitarD-28 Steel String Acoustic1966Hardshell$5,500
McPherson GuitarNew MG-5.0XP, 12-String, Bear Claw Sitka top Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$10,000
McPherson GuitarCMG-4.5 Camrielle Steel String AcousticNewOrig. Hard$10,800
Nash GuitarNew S-63, Candy Apple Red Solid Body ElectricOrig. Hard$1,875
New World GuitarNew Estudio E650, Spruce top ClassicalOrig. Hard$805
Nioma GuitarSquare Neck made by Regal Resophonic1930sChipboard$950
Rickenbacher GuitarElectro NS (New Style) Lap Steelc.1948Orig Chip$550
Santa Cruz GuitarNew H/13 Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$5,265
Schecter GuitarNew Omen-6 Gloss Black Solid Body Electricno$299
Supro GuitarElectric Hawaiian, Cast aluminum Lap Steel1930'sOrig Chip$799
Taylor GuitarNew 414ce Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,999
Taylor GuitarNew SB1-X Lava, 2 mini humbuckers Solid Body ElectricOrig. Hard$1,649
Taylor GuitarNew SB2-S, Borrego Red Solid Body ElectricOrig. Hard$1,999
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Collings D2H, Sunburst

Gretsch G5415 Special Jet, Black

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Gretsch G5422TDC Electromatic Hollow Body, Transparent red

Gretsch G5445T Double Jet with Bigsby, Black

Collings 003

Taylor 414ce

Collings D2H

Huss & Dalton T-0014, Custom

Epiphone Elitist Les Paul 2004