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Maker Model Year Case
Airline GuitarValco-made Black 1961Orig Chip$250
Allison GuitarNew Model D Style A, Adirondack top, Sunburst Orig. Hard$4,500
Allison GuitarNew Model D Style B, Sunburst Orig. Hard$4,455
Allison GuitarNew Model O Style A, European top Orig. Hard$3,735
Allison GuitarNew Style A OM, Cedar/koa Orig. Hard$4,500
Aloha GuitarPineapple Lap Steel c. 1958Orig. Hard$350
Beard GuitarNew Vintage R Roundneck, Red sunburst, JD pickup Orig. Hard$2,535
Beard GuitarNew Vintage R Squareneck, Vintage sunburst Orig. Hard$2,000
Blueridge GuitarNew BR-40 Hardshell$465
Blueridge GuitarNew BR-40-12 Orig. Hard$670
Blueridge GuitarNew BR-40T Orig. Hard$585
Blueridge GuitarNew BR-43 Orig. Hard$465
Blueridge GuitarNew BR-60K NA Orig. Hard$655
Blueridge GuitarNew BR-65KCE no$749
Bourgeois GuitarNew 0 - Country Boy Orig. Hard$4,810
Bourgeois GuitarNew Vintage OM Sunburst Orig. Hard$5,080
Bristol GuitarNew BD-16 no$249
Bristol GuitarNew BM-16 no$249
Cervantes GuitarNew Crossover 1 PE, Cedar top Orig. Hard$1,979
Collings GuitarNew 001, Rosewood binding and rosette, Adirondack braces Orig. Hard$4,455
Collings GuitarNew 003 Orig. Hard$4,590
Collings GuitarNew 02E, Engelmann top, Rope purfling, Long diamond and square inlay Orig. Hard$4,005
Collings GuitarNew 02G, German top Orig. Hard$4,838
Collings GuitarNew 02HG, German top, 1 3/4" nut Orig. Hard$4,300
Collings GuitarNew 03HG 12-string, German spruce top, Herringbone Orig. Hard$5,805
Collings GuitarNew 290 S, Faded crimson Orig. Hard$2,745
Collings GuitarNew 290, Orange, Bigsby vibrato, TV Jones pickups Orig. Hard$3,375
Collings GuitarNew 290, Tobacco sunburst, Lollar Imperial standard wind pickups Orig. Hard$3,060
Collings GuitarNew 290, TV yellow, Bigsby tremolo Orig. Hard$3,060
Collings GuitarNew 290, Vintage White Orig. Hard$3,060
Collings GuitarNew Baby 2E, Engelmann top, Rope purfling Orig. Hard$3,960
Collings GuitarNew Baby 2HE, Engelmann top, 1 3/4" nut Orig. Hard$3,940
Collings GuitarNew C10 Custom, Black top Orig. Hard$5,715
Collings GuitarNew C10 Deluxe, Custom, 2014 NAMM Orig. Hard$4,770
Collings GuitarNew C10, Custom Orig. Hard$3,780
Collings GuitarNew C10, Jet black, 1 3/4" nut, Ivoroid guard, Waverly upgrade Orig. Hard$4,860
Collings GuitarNew C10, Mahogany top, Cutaway, 1 3/4" nut, Full sunburst, Waverly tuners Orig. Hard$5,830
Collings GuitarNew C10, Mahogany top, Full body sunburst, Waverly tuners Orig. Hard$5,220
Collings GuitarNew C10, Sunburst, 1 3/4" nut, Waverly tuners Orig. Hard$4,210
Collings GuitarNew CJ Mh, Sunburst Orig. Hard$4,500
Collings GuitarNew CJ, Sunburst, 24 7/8" scale Orig. Hard$4,680
Collings GuitarNew CJ35, German top, Sunburst Orig. Hard$5,445
Collings GuitarNew D1 Orig. Hard$3,420
Collings GuitarNew D1A, Adirondack top, 1 3/4" nut Orig. Hard$4,390
Collings GuitarNew D1A, Adirondack top, 1 3/4" nut, Vintage now neck and bridge Orig. Hard$4,480
Collings GuitarNew D2H Orig. Hard$3,555
Collings GuitarNew D2H, Adirondack braces, Satin neck Orig. Hard$3,735
Collings GuitarNew D2H, Sunburst Orig. Hard$4,095
Collings GuitarNew D2HA, Adirondack top Orig. Hard$4,455
Collings GuitarNew D2HG, German top, 1 3/4" nut Orig. Hard$4,210
Collings GuitarNew Eastside LC Deluxe, Blonde Orig. Hard$5,670
Collings GuitarNew Eastside LC, Dark cherry sunburst, Prototype, Deep body Orig. Hard$5,490
Collings GuitarNew Eastside LC, Tobacco sunburst Orig. Hard$4,680
Collings GuitarNew I-35 Deluxe, ThroBak pickups Orig. Hard$5,715
Collings GuitarNew I-35 LC, Faded cherry Orig. Hard$4,050
Collings GuitarNew OM1 Custom, German/koa Orig. Hard$6,075
Collings GuitarNew OM1 Custom, Torrefied, Adirondack/maple Orig. Hard$5,805
Collings GuitarNew OM1 Walnut, Deep body, Custom Orig. Hard$4,345
Collings GuitarNew OM1, Sunburst, All mahogany, 1 3/4" nut Orig. Hard$5,110
Collings GuitarNew OM1A, Varnish, 1 3/4" nut Orig. Hard$6,190
Collings GuitarNew OM1G, German top, 1 3/4" nut, Cutaway, Ebony buttons, 2014 NAMM Orig. Hard$4,660
Collings GuitarNew OM2H, 1 3/4" nut Orig. Hard$3,625
Collings GuitarNew OM2H, 1 3/4" nut, No tongue brace Orig. Hard$3,690
Collings GuitarNew OM2HA, Adirondack top, 1 3/4" nut Orig. Hard$4,525
Collings GuitarNew OM2HG Custom, German top, Deep body, 1 3/4" nut Orig. Hard$4,435
Collings GuitarNew OM2HG, German top, 1 3/4" nut Orig. Hard$4,210
Collings GuitarNew Tenor 1G Orig. Hard$4,005
Collings GuitarBaby 2HG 2007Orig. Hard$3,250
Collings GuitarD1A, 1 3/4" nut 2007Orig. Hard$3,400
Collings Guitar290 Custom w/ humbuckers 2009Orig. Hard$1,750
Collings GuitarCJ MhASSB 2009Orig. Hard$3,895
Collings Guitar290 Sunburst, humbuckers 2011Orig. Hard$2,200
Collings GuitarD1A Varnish Vintage Now 2012Orig. Hard$5,150
Collings GuitarSJ Maple, full-body Sunburst 2013OHSC$4,575
Cordoba GuitarRCWE 2005Orig. Hard$1,400
Daisy Rock GuitarNew Comet, Atomic pink no$160
Daisy Rock GuitarNew Comet, Platinum Sparkle no$160
Daisy Rock GuitarNew Pixie Acoustic, Silver sparkle Gig Bag$250
Daisy Rock GuitarNew Pixie Acoustic/Electric, Pink Sparkle Gig Bag$330
Daisy Rock GuitarNew Rock Candy Petite, Atomic pink Gig Bag$225
Daisy Rock GuitarNew Wildwood Acoustic, Rainbow sparkle Gig Bag$190
DeArmond GuitarM-70 (bluesbird) Black 1999No$299
Dobro Guitar "Radio Tone" Cyclops square neck 1933Chipboard$1,495
Dobro GuitarModel 55 Round Neck c 1931Orig Chip$1,395
Don Grosh GuitarRetro Classic 2006Orig. Hard$1,400
Eastman GuitarNew AR372CE Orig. Hard$879
Eastman GuitarNew AR503CE, Sunburst Orig. Hard$999
Eastman GuitarNew T386SB, Sunburst Orig. Hard$839
Electromuse Guitarblue lap steel 1940sChipboard$195
Electromuse GuitarElectromuse late 1940sChipboard$225
Epiphone GuitarCentury (blonde) 1955Orig. Hard$1,750
Epiphone GuitarLes Paul Special Lefty 1994Gig Bag$175
Epiphone GuitarElitist Les Paul 2004Orig. Hard$875
Epiphone GuitarLes Paul Classic 2005Gig Bag$325
Esteve GuitarModel 8, Indian rosewood/cedar top 1993Orig. Hard$1,500
Fender GuitarStratocaster Anniversary 1978Orig. Hard$1,499
Fender GuitarStratocaster 1979Orig. Hard$1,995
Fender GuitarStratocaster MIM Left handed 1995Gig Bag$250
Fender GuitarLefty Stratocaster MIM 1999Gig Bag$325
Fender GuitarLeft-handed Standard Stratocaster(MIM)-Black 2002Gig Bag$375
Fender GuitarStratocaster American Standard White 2003Orig. Hard$895
Fender GuitarStratocaster VG (w/Roland) 2007Orig. Hard$1,125
Fender GuitarStratocaster American Deluxe Sunset Metallic 2010Orig. Hard$1,195
Fender GuitarJimmie Vaughan "Tex Mex" c1997Hardshell$395
Gibson GuitarES-175 D Natural (original lefthanded) 1957Orig. Hard$12,000
Gibson GuitarSJ 1968Hardshell$3,200
Gibson GuitarSG Standard 1979OHSC$1,995
Gibson GuitarES-335 Dot (pearl white) 1984Orig. Hard$2,800
Gibson GuitarLes Paul Studio 1998Gig Bag$795
Gibson GuitarLes Paul '59 Reissue 2008Orig. Hard$3,295
Gibson GuitarCarson J. Robison c. 1938Orig Chip$1,895
Gold Tone GuitarNew PBR no$825
Gretsch GuitarNew Dixie 6 Guitar-Banjo no$329
Gretsch GuitarNew G5415 Special Jet, Black no$298
Gretsch GuitarNew G5420T Electromatic Hollow Body no$875
Gretsch GuitarNew G5421 Jet Club, Firebird Red no$300
Gretsch GuitarNew G5422DC-12 Electromatic Hollow Body 12-String, Black no$800
Gretsch GuitarNew G5422TDC Electromatic Hollow Body, Transparent red no$875
Gretsch GuitarNew G5445T Double Jet with Bigsby, Black no$595
Gretsch GuitarNew G5622T-CB Electromatic Center-Block, Rosa Red no$975
Gretsch GuitarNew G6112TCB-JR Center-Block LTD 2-Tone Orig. Hard$2,449
Gretsch GuitarNew G6120 Chet Atkins Hollow Body, Orange Orig. Hard$2,425
Gretsch GuitarNew G6120SSLVO Brian Setzer Nashville, Vintage Orange Lacquer Orig. Hard$3,250
Gretsch GuitarNew G6122-1962 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman Orig. Hard$2,650
Gretsch GuitarNew G6136TLTV White Falcon Orig. Hard$3,825
Gretsch GuitarNew G6137TCB Panther Center Block, Limited Flagstaff Sunset Orig. Hard$2,499
Gretsch GuitarNew G6196T Country Club Orig. Hard$2,925
Gretsch GuitarNew G9201 Honey Dipper Round-Neck no$529
Gretsch GuitarNew G9240 Alligator Biscuit Roundneck no$399
Gretsch GuitarG5415 Special Jet 2012none$165
Guild GuitarF-30 1973OHSC$1,695
Guild GuitarArtist Award 1994Orig. Hard$4,995
Harmony GuitarRoy Smeck 1950sno$400
Harmony GuitarH-7 C. 1975Gig Bag$295
Hilo GuitarStyle 640 all-koa Weissenborn style c. 1926Import Hard$1,450
Huipe GuitarClassical 2004Orig. Hard$2,500
Huss & Dalton GuitarNew DS Crossroads Orig. Hard$3,510
Huss & Dalton GuitarNew T-0014, Custom Orig. Hard$4,440
Huss & Dalton GuitarNew TD-R Custom, Adirondack top Orig. Hard$4,245
Huss & Dalton GuitarNew Traditional OM, Custom, Adirondack top, Sinker mahogany Orig. Hard$4,560
J. Navarro GuitarNew NC-40 no$295
J. Navarro GuitarNew NC-41 no$295
Kay GuitarK172 1956Orig. Hard$1,600
Kaywood GuitarClassical - Mahogany back and sides 1991HSC$950
Kona GuitarStyle 4 c 1927Hardshell$3,995
Kremona GuitarNew Fiesta FC Orig. Hard$999
Kremona GuitarNew Fiesta FS no$899
Kremona GuitarNew Rondo R65CW Solid Spruce Top Walnut BackSides Fishman Pickup no$725
Kremona GuitarNew Rondo R65CW-TL-C Gig Bag$849
Kremona GuitarNew Rosa Bella Orig. Hard$999
Kremona GuitarNew Rosa Luna RL Gig Bag$749
Kremona GuitarNew Sofia S63CW no$899
Kremona GuitarNew Soloist F65C Gig Bag$549
Kremona GuitarNew Soloist F65C Gig Bag$599
Kremona GuitarNew Verea VA Gig Bag$849
Lag GuitarNew Imperator I66, Black no$199
Lag GuitarNew Imperator I66TOS Tobacco Sunburst no$199
Loar GuitarNew LH-309-VS Orig. Hard$795
M. Walker GuitarDreadnought NewOrig. Hard$3,200
Martin GuitarNew 00-15M Orig. Hard$1,249
Martin GuitarNew 000 Custom Orig. Hard$4,500
Martin GuitarNew 000-15M Orig. Hard$1,249
Martin GuitarNew 000-15SM Orig. Hard$1,449
Martin GuitarNew 000-16GT Orig. Hard$1,249
Martin GuitarNew 000-18 Orig. Hard$2,199
Martin GuitarNew 000-28 Orig. Hard$2,649
Martin GuitarNew 000-28EC Orig. Hard$3,649
Martin GuitarNew 000RSGT Orig. Hard$999
Martin GuitarNew Backpacker, Nylon string Gig Bag$255
Martin GuitarNew Backpacker, Steel string Gig Bag$255
Martin GuitarNew D-15M Orig. Hard$1,249
Martin GuitarNew D-16GT Orig. Hard$1,249
Martin GuitarNew D-16RGT Orig. Hard$1,499
Martin GuitarNew D-17M Orig. Hard$1,549
Martin GuitarNew D-18 Orig. Hard$2,249
Martin GuitarNew D-18 Authentic 1939 Orig. Hard$5,299
Martin GuitarNew D-18, 1933 Ambertone Orig. Hard$2,499
Martin GuitarNew D-1GT Orig. Hard$900
Martin GuitarNew D-1GT Orig. Hard$1,049
Martin GuitarNew D-28 Orig. Hard$2,499
Martin GuitarNew D-28 Authentic 1941 Orig. Hard$6,699
Martin GuitarNew D12-28 Orig. Hard$2,599
Martin GuitarNew DRSGT Orig. Hard$999
Martin GuitarNew GPC Custom Orig. Hard$1,155
Martin GuitarNew GPCPA5 Black no$799
Martin GuitarNew HD-28, 1933 Ambertone sunburst Orig. Hard$3,049
Martin GuitarNew HD-28E Retro Orig. Hard$3,449
Martin GuitarNew HD-28V Orig. Hard$3,499
Martin GuitarNew HD-28V Ambertone Orig. Hard$3,699
Martin GuitarNew LX1 Gig Bag$315
Martin GuitarNew OM-21 Orig. Hard$2,499
Martin GuitarNew OM-21 Ambertone Orig. Hard$2,649
Martin GuitarNew OM-28E Retro Orig. Hard$3,449
Martin GuitarNew SS-D35-13 Orig. Hard$6,399
Martin Guitar000-21 1942Orig. Hard$15,000
Martin Guitar000-28 1943New Hard$17,850
Martin Guitar000-18 Shaded Top 1945Hardshell$16,500
Martin Guitar000-28 1949HSC$11,500
Martin GuitarD-28 1966Hardshell$5,500
Martin GuitarD-28V 1983Orig. Hard$7,650
Martin GuitarD12-28V Custom 1984Orig. Hard$2,675
Martin GuitarHD-28 1994Orig. Hard$1,795
Martin GuitarOM-28GE 2005Orig. Hard$7,295
Martin GuitarDitson 111 2007Orig. Hard$2,995
Martin GuitarHD-28MP 2011Orig. Hard$3,395
Martin GuitarOM-21 2012Orig. Hard$1,675
McPherson GuitarNew MG-5.0XP, 12-String, Bear Claw Sitka top Orig. Hard$10,000
McPherson GuitarCamrielle MC 3.5 KO/SR NewOrig. Hard$12,600
McPherson GuitarCMG-4.5 Camrielle NewOrig. Hard$10,800
McPherson GuitarMC-4.5 ES/RW Camrielle NewOrig. Hard$10,600
McPherson GuitarMG 4.0XP MBW/SS Beeswing mahogany/Sitka spruce NewOrig. Hard$8,600
McPherson GuitarMG-4.0 XP RE/RW NewOrig. Hard$8,400
Michael GuitarS Style 2002Orig. Hard$1,095
Michael Hemken GuitarBrazilian 17" 2002Orig. Hard$4,500
Nash GuitarNew S-57, Cream Orig. Hard$2,025
Nash GuitarNew S-63, Candy Apple Red Orig. Hard$1,875
Nash GuitarNew S-63, Sunburst Orig. Hard$2,025
Nash GuitarNew T-52, Butterscotch blonde Orig. Hard$1,875
National GuitarBolero 1957Gig Bag$1,050
National Reso-Phonic GuitarNew Dueco Orig. Hard$3,315
National Reso-Phonic GuitarNew M1 Tricone Orig. Hard$2,720
National Reso-Phonic GuitarNew NRP B Series Tricone, Black rust Orig. Hard$2,550
National Reso-Phonic GuitarNew NRP, 14 fret, Green edgeburst Orig. Hard$2,295
National Reso-Phonic GuitarNew Style O Orig. Hard$2,890
New World GuitarNew Estudio E615, Cedar top Orig. Hard$765
New World GuitarNew Estudio E640, Spruce top Orig. Hard$805
New World GuitarNew Estudio E650, Cedar top Orig. Hard$805
New World GuitarNew Estudio E650, Spruce top Orig. Hard$805
New World GuitarNew Player P628, Cedar top Orig. Hard$1,530
New World GuitarNew Player P628, Spruce top Orig. Hard$1,530
New World GuitarNew Player P650, Cedar top Orig. Hard$1,525
New World GuitarNew Player P650, Spruce top Orig. Hard$1,525
Nioma GuitarSquare Neck made by Regal 1930sChipboard$950
Ovation GuitarCountry Artist, Left-handed 2004Orig. Hard$550
Paul Reed Smith GuitarSantana 2011Orig. Hard$1,895
Recording King GuitarNew RG-31-NA no$180
Recording King GuitarNew RP1-16C Torrefied Top no$499
Regal GuitarNew RD-40V, Roundneck no$375
Regal GuitarNew RD-52 Black Lightning no$525
Rick Turner GuitarNew Model 1 Lindsey Buckingham with Piezo & blending electronics Orig. Hard$5,775
Rick Turner GuitarNew Renaissance RS6 Gig Bag$2,340
Rick Turner GuitarNew Renaissance RS6 Deuce Flamed maple, full burst Gig Bag$3,415
Rick Turner GuitarNew RN6 Standard Hybrid Gig Bag$2,925
Rickenbacher GuitarElectro NS 1-1/2" pickup 1949Chipboard$640
Rickenbacher GuitarModel 59 6-strings c. 1937Orig Chip$850
Rickenbacher GuitarElectro NS (New Style) c.1948Orig Chip$550
Rickenbacker Guitar365 1967Hardshell$3,350
Rickenbacker Guitar360/12 C63 Fireglo 2011Orig. Hard$2,995
Santa Cruz GuitarNew D, Adirondack top Orig. Hard$5,175
Santa Cruz GuitarNew Firefly, Sunburst Orig. Hard$4,455
Santa Cruz GuitarNew H/13 Orig. Hard$5,265
Santa Cruz GuitarNew H/13, Adirondack spruce top Orig. Hard$4,885
Santa Cruz GuitarNew OM Custom, Redwood top, Deep body, Koa binding Orig. Hard$6,325
Santa Cruz GuitarNew OM, German/bearclaw spruce, Adirondack/hide glue braces Orig. Hard$5,760
Santa Cruz GuitarNew Vintage Artist, Italian spruce top Orig. Hard$5,580
Santa Cruz GuitarVS Custom 2008Orig. Hard$4,300
Santa Cruz Guitar1934 D Model 2010Orig. Hard$10,850
Santa Cruz GuitarOMPW 2013Orig. Hard$3,100
Schecter GuitarNew Omen-6 Gloss Black no$299
Scheerhorn GuitarNew L-Body Rob Ickes Signature Orig. Hard$3,900
Scott Cao GuitarSCG-02 Solid Spruce Top 2005Orig. Hard$399
Squier GuitarStratocaster, Candy apple red 2002Gig Bag$195
Squier GuitarStrat 2005Gig Bag$175
Squier GuitarStandard Stratocaster HSS 2008Gig Bag$175
Squier GuitarStrat Black 2009Gig Bag$150
Squier GuitarAffinity Strat 2010Gig Bag$145
Strunal GuitarNew 1/4 Size no$250
Strunal GuitarNew 3/4 Size no$275
Supro GuitarElectric Hawaiian, Cast aluminum 1930'sOrig Chip$799
Supro GuitarDual Tone 1958Orig. Hard$1,500
Supro GuitarFolk Star 1965Gig Bag$1,250
Supro GuitarComet c.1966Orig Chip$350
Taylor GuitarNew 110ce, Satin sunburst Gig Bag$799
Taylor GuitarNew 110e, Satin sunburst Gig Bag$599
Taylor GuitarNew 114ce Gig Bag$799
Taylor GuitarNew 114ce, Satin sunburst Gig Bag$799
Taylor GuitarNew 114e Gig Bag$599
Taylor GuitarNew 150e Gig Bag$699
Taylor GuitarNew 214ce Gig Bag$999
Taylor GuitarNew 312 Orig. Hard$1,249
Taylor GuitarNew 312ce Orig. Hard$1,599
Taylor GuitarNew 314 Orig. Hard$1,249
Taylor GuitarNew 314ce Orig. Hard$1,699
Taylor GuitarNew 314ce Prototype Orig. Hard$1,600
Taylor GuitarNew 314ce-N Orig. Hard$1,699
Taylor GuitarNew 320 Orig. Hard$1,249
Taylor GuitarNew 322 Orig. Hard$1,249
Taylor GuitarNew 322e Orig. Hard$1,549
Taylor GuitarNew 324 Orig. Hard$1,249
Taylor GuitarNew 324ce-K FLTD Orig. Hard$1,799
Taylor GuitarNew 324e Orig. Hard$1,549
Taylor GuitarNew 326ce-K FLTD Orig. Hard$1,799
Taylor GuitarNew 354 Orig. Hard$1,399
Taylor GuitarNew 356ce Orig. Hard$1,849
Taylor GuitarNew 414ce Orig. Hard$1,999
Taylor GuitarNew 414ce Prototype Orig. Hard$1,999
Taylor GuitarNew 414ce-SLTD Orig. Hard$1,999
Taylor GuitarNew 514ce-FLTD Orig. Hard$2,599
Taylor GuitarNew 522 Orig. Hard$1,999
Taylor GuitarNew 524 Orig. Hard$1,999
Taylor GuitarNew 524ce Orig. Hard$2,398
Taylor GuitarNew 614ce, Honey sunburst Orig. Hard$2,999
Taylor GuitarNew 656ce Orig. Hard$3,149
Taylor GuitarNew 712e Orig. Hard$2,699
Taylor GuitarNew 714ce Orig. Hard$2,849
Taylor GuitarNew 810e Orig. Hard$3,249
Taylor GuitarNew 812ce Orig. Hard$3,399
Taylor GuitarNew 812ce 12-Fret Orig. Hard$3,549
Taylor GuitarNew 814ce Orig. Hard$3,399
Taylor GuitarNew 814ce, Clear pickguard Orig. Hard$3,399
Taylor GuitarNew 914ce Orig. Hard$4,499
Taylor GuitarNew Baby Gig Bag$299
Taylor GuitarNew Baby Mahogany Gig Bag$299
Taylor GuitarNew Custom GA, Cedar/walnut Orig. Hard$4,199
Taylor GuitarNew Custom GA, Ovangkol Orig. Hard$3,665
Taylor GuitarNew Custom GC Orig. Hard$2,605
Taylor GuitarNew Custom GC, Cedar/mahogany Orig. Hard$2,310
Taylor GuitarNew Custom GC, Sitka/mahogany Orig. Hard$2,590
Taylor GuitarNew Custom JU, AA flame maple Orig. Hard$4,235
Taylor GuitarNew Custom Twelve Fret BTO, Adirondack/Indian Rosewood Orig. Hard$3,245
Taylor GuitarNew GA5, Left-handed Orig. Hard$1,685
Taylor GuitarNew GC7, Left-handed Orig. Hard$1,739
Taylor GuitarNew GS Mini Gig Bag$499
Taylor GuitarNew GS Mini Mahogany Gig Bag$499
Taylor GuitarNew GS Mini-e Koa FLTD Gig Bag$699
Taylor GuitarNew GS Mini-e RW Gig Bag$599
Taylor GuitarNew GSce-FLTD Orig. Hard$2,595
Taylor GuitarNew K26ce Orig. Hard$4,149
Taylor GuitarNew SB1-X Lava, 2 mini humbuckers Orig. Hard$1,649
Taylor GuitarNew SB2-S, Borrego Red Orig. Hard$1,999
Taylor Guitar214 2006OHSC$595
Taylor GuitarGC8 2012Orig. Hard$1,649
Tonedevil GuitarNew S-12 Symphony Harp Guitar Gig Bag$2,450
Tonemaster GuitarEnglish Electronics w/Stringtone c. 1966Hardshell$650
Traugott GuitarR cutaway, German/Brazilian 2006Orig. Calton$18,750
Unknown Japanese GuitarHG-98c with legs 1960sOrig. Hard$450
Veillette GuitarNew Merlin 12-String Octave E New Hard$3,995
Voyage-air GuitarNew TransAxe BelAir VER-1, Black Semi-hard$799
Waterloo GuitarNew WL-14XTR Orig. Hard$1,890
Zeta/Owens GuitarTupelo 2001Orig. Hard$1,850
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1949 Martin 000-28
Recording King RP1-16C Torrefied Top

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New World Player P650, Cedar top

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