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Nylon String Guitars In Stock

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Maker Model Year Case
Bernal GuitarSueno 2003Semi-hard$1,150
Cervantes GuitarNew Crossover II Signature, Spruce top, Cocobolo back and sides Orig. Hard$3,510
Esteve GuitarNew R. Fernandez 70 Semi-hard$1,605
Esteve GuitarModel 8, Indian rosewood/cedar top 1993Orig. Hard$1,500
Esteve GuitarManuel Adalid 9C/B 2011Orig. Hard$1,550
J. Navarro GuitarNew NC-41 no$295
Kenny Hill GuitarNew New World Estudio, Cedar top, 615mm Orig. Hard$765
Kenny Hill GuitarNew New World Estudio, Spruce top, 650mm scale Orig. Hard$805
Kenny Hill GuitarNew New World Estudio, Spuce top, 628mm Orig. Hard$805
Kremona GuitarNew Fiesta F65CW-SB Orig. Hard$1,199
Kremona GuitarNew Fiesta FC no$899
Kremona GuitarNew Fiesta FS no$899
Kremona GuitarNew Rondo R65CW shopworn no$649
Kremona GuitarNew Rondo R65CW Solid Spruce Top Walnut BackSides Fishman Pickup no$725
Kremona GuitarNew Rondo TL Thin Body Gig Bag$849
Kremona GuitarNew Rosa Morena Solid Spruce Top no$499
Kremona GuitarNew S65C no$399
Kremona GuitarNew Sofia S63CW Gig Bag$899
Kremona GuitarNew Verea VA no$799
Rick Turner GuitarNew Renaissance RN6- H Hybrid, Myrtle Gig Bag$2,785
Strunal GuitarNew 4/4 size no$295
Taylor GuitarNew 312ce-N Orig. Hard$1,699
Taylor GuitarNew 612ce-N, Desert Sunburst Orig. Hard$3,298
Taylor GuitarNew GAce-N-FLTD Orig. Hard$3,399
Recently sold Nylon String Guitars
Cervantes GuitarNew Milenia PE, Spruce top This Guitar is sold
Cervantes GuitarMilenia PE w/ LR Baggs Lyric pickup2012 This Guitar is sold
Hirade GuitarModel 7 Solid Top(master arte)1977 This Guitar is sold
Kenny Hill GuitarNew World Estudio Solid Cedar Top 615mm2012 This Guitar is sold
Kremona GuitarNew Romida RD-S This Guitar is sold
Kremona GuitarNew Sofia SC This Guitar is sold
Kremona GuitarNew Soloist F65C This Guitar is sold
Kremona GuitarNew Rosa Bella This Guitar is sold
Kremona GuitarNew Rosa Luna RL This Guitar is sold
Martin Guitar00-28C Custom1985 This Guitar is sold
Taylor Guitar812-ce-N2012 This Guitar is sold
Select, recently sold Nylon String Guitars
Taylor GuitarNS32ce2008 This Guitar is sold

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Bernal Sueno 2003

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Kremona Soloist F65C
Taylor NS32ce 2008
J. Navarro NC-41
Esteve Manuel Adalid 9C/B 2011
Kenny Hill New World Estudio, Cedar top, 615mm
Esteve Model 8, Indian rosewood/cedar top 1993
Cervantes Milenia PE w/ LR Baggs Lyric pickup 2012
Kremona Verea VA