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Maker Model Year Case
Allison GuitarEG-1 HB sunburst 2011Orig. Hard$1,595
Collings GuitarNew 290 S, Faded crimson Orig. Hard$2,745
Collings GuitarNew 290, Orange, Bigsby vibrato, TV Jones pickups Orig. Hard$3,375
Collings GuitarNew 290, Tobacco sunburst, Lollar Imperial standard wind pickups Orig. Hard$3,060
Collings GuitarNew 290, TV yellow, Bigsby tremolo Orig. Hard$3,060
Collings GuitarNew 290, Vintage White Orig. Hard$3,060
Collings Guitar290 Custom w/ humbuckers 2009Orig. Hard$1,750
Collings Guitar290 Sunburst, humbuckers 2011Orig. Hard$2,200
DeArmond GuitarM-70 (bluesbird) Black 1999No$299
Epiphone GuitarLes Paul Special Lefty 1994Gig Bag$175
Epiphone GuitarElitist Les Paul 2004Orig. Hard$875
Epiphone GuitarLes Paul Classic 2005Gig Bag$325
Fender GuitarMusicmaster 1963Orig. Hard$1,175
Fender GuitarMustang 1978Orig. Hard$1,250
Fender GuitarStratocaster Anniversary 1978Orig. Hard$1,499
Fender GuitarStratocaster 1979Orig. Hard$1,995
Fender GuitarLefty Stratocaster MIM 1999Gig Bag$325
Fender GuitarLeft-handed Standard Stratocaster(MIM)-Black 2002Gig Bag$375
Fender GuitarStandard Stratocaster,white (MIM) 2007Gig Bag$399
Fender GuitarStratocaster VG (w/Roland) 2007Orig. Hard$1,125
Fender GuitarAmerican Standard Telecaster Black 2011Orig. Hard$875
Fender GuitarStratocaster '56 AVRI 2013Orig. Hard$1,350
Gibson GuitarSG Standard 1979OHSC$1,995
Gibson GuitarLes Paul Custom (all silver) 1982Orig. Hard$2,995
Gibson GuitarLes Paul Studio 1998Gig Bag$795
Gretsch GuitarNew G5415 Special Jet, Black no$298
Gretsch GuitarNew G5421 Jet Club, Firebird Red no$300
Gretsch GuitarNew G5445T Double Jet with Bigsby, Black no$595
Gretsch GuitarG5415 Special Jet 2012none$165
Kramer GuitarDMZ 6000G 1979Orig. Hard$1,300
Lag GuitarNew Imperator I66, Black no$199
Lag GuitarNew Imperator I66TOS Tobacco Sunburst no$199
Michael GuitarS Style 2002Orig. Hard$1,095
Nash GuitarNew S-57, Cream Orig. Hard$2,025
Nash GuitarNew S-63, Candy Apple Red Orig. Hard$1,875
Nash GuitarNew S-63, Sunburst Orig. Hard$2,025
Nash GuitarNew T-52, Butterscotch blonde Orig. Hard$1,875
Nash GuitarS-57 Mary Kay w/Lollar pickups 2012Orig. Hard$1,399
National GuitarBolero 1957Gig Bag$1,050
Rick Turner GuitarNew Model 1 Lindsey Buckingham with Piezo & blending electronics Orig. Hard$5,775
Schecter GuitarNew Omen-6 Gloss Black no$299
Squier GuitarStratocaster, Candy apple red 2002Gig Bag$195
Squier GuitarStandard Stratocaster HSS 2008Gig Bag$175
Squier GuitarStrat Black 2009Gig Bag$150
Squier GuitarAffinity Strat 2010Gig Bag$145
Supro GuitarDual Tone 1958Orig. Hard$1,500
Taylor GuitarNew SB1-X Lava, 2 mini humbuckers Orig. Hard$1,649
Taylor GuitarNew SB2-S, Borrego Red Orig. Hard$1,999
Voyage-air GuitarNew TransAxe BelAir VER-1, Black Semi-hard$799
Recently sold Solid Body Electrics
Collings GuitarNew City Limits Deluxe, Crimson, Premium quilt top This Guitar is sold
Epiphone GuitarLes Paul custom2003 This Guitar is sold
Epiphone GuitarLes Paul Standard2006 This Guitar is sold
Epiphone GuitarLes Paul Traditional Pro2012 This Guitar is sold
Fender GuitarStratocaster1980 This Guitar is sold
Fender GuitarTelecaster1983 This Guitar is sold
Fender GuitarAmerican Standard Stratocaster Blue1993Sold in under 2 weeks
Fender GuitarStratocaster MIM1996Sold in under 2 weeks
Fender GuitarStratocaster, Jimmie Vaughn "Tex-Mex" 1997Sold in under 2 weeks
Fender GuitarStratocaster American Standard1999Sold in under 2 weeks
Fender GuitarAmerican Deluxe Thinline Telecaster2001 This Guitar is sold
Select, recently sold Solid Body Electrics
Fender GuitarStratocaster MIM2001Sold in under 2 weeks
Fender GuitarStratocaster MIM2002 This Guitar is sold
Fender GuitarTelecaster American Standard2002 This Guitar is sold
Fender GuitarTelecaster Thinline (Japan)2003Sold in under 2 weeks
Fender GuitarTelecaster Thinline MIM2004 This Guitar is sold
Fender GuitarStratocaster Am. Deluxe pearl white2006 This Guitar is sold
Fender Guitar1960 Stratocaster Relic Dakota Red/matching headstock2012 This Guitar is sold
Fender GuitarEric Johnson Stratocaster bound fingerboard2013 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarL-6 S Deluxe1976 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarLes Paul Custom1976Sold in under 2 weeks
Gibson GuitarLes Paul '59 Reissue (tobacco sunburst)2008Sold in under 2 weeks
Gibson GuitarLes Paul Studio White2008 This Guitar is sold
Hamer GuitarSlammer1990 This Guitar is sold
Harvey Thomas GuitarRiot Kingc. 1966 This Guitar is sold
Rick Turner GuitarNew Model 1, Lindsey Buckingham w/ piezo, Slotted Headstock & Sycamore body cap This Guitar is sold
Rickenbacker Guitar4201965 This Guitar is sold
Squier GuitarStratocater Standard2006 This Guitar is sold
Taylor GuitarT5-C Natural top2006 This Guitar is sold
Unknown GuitarJapanese Hollow Body Electricc. 1973 This Guitar is sold
Voyage-air GuitarNew TransAxe TelAir VET-2SBB, Sunburst This Guitar is sold

Gryphon Stringed Instruments

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Fender Musicmaster 1963

Nash S-63, Sunburst

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Collings 290 Sunburst, humbuckers 2011

Gretsch G5421 Jet Club, Firebird Red

Fender Stratocaster '56 AVRI 2013

Kramer DMZ 6000G 1979

Squier Standard Stratocaster HSS 2008

Fender American Standard Telecaster Black 2011

Gibson Les Paul Custom (all silver) 1982