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Maker Model Year Case
Collings GuitarNew Eastside LC Deluxe, Blonde Orig. Hard$5,670
Collings GuitarNew Eastside LC, Dark cherry sunburst, Prototype, Deep body Orig. Hard$5,490
Collings GuitarNew Eastside LC, Tobacco sunburst Orig. Hard$4,680
Collings GuitarNew I-35 LC TobaccoSunburst Orig. Hard$4,320
Collings GuitarNew I-35LC, Tobacco sunburst, '60s neck Orig. Hard$4,050
Collings GuitarNew SoCo Deluxe Quilted Maple Top Orig. Hard$6,030
Eastman GuitarNew AR503CE, Sunburst Orig. Hard$999
Epiphone GuitarCentury (blonde) 1955Orig. Hard$1,750
Gitane GuitarNew DG-255 no$825
Gitane GuitarNew DG-300 John Jorgenson Orig. Hard$1,399
Gretsch GuitarNew G5420T Electromatic Hollow Body no$875
Gretsch GuitarNew G5622T-CB Electromatic Center-Block, Rosa Red no$975
Gretsch GuitarNew G6112TCB-JR Center-Block LTD 2-Tone Orig. Hard$2,449
Gretsch GuitarNew G6122-1962 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman Orig. Hard$2,650
Gretsch GuitarNew G6136TLTV White Falcon Orig. Hard$3,825
Gretsch GuitarNew G6196T Country Club Orig. Hard$2,925
Ibanez GuitarGeorge Benson GB10 Sunburst 1981Orig. Hard$1,795
Kay GuitarK172 1956Orig. Hard$1,600
Loar GuitarNew LH-309-VS Orig. Hard$795
Rickenbacker Guitar360/12 C63 Fireglo 2011Orig. Hard$2,995
Select, recently sold Archtop Guitars
Collings GuitarNew City Limits Deluxe w/ Parallelogram inlay This Guitar is sold
Collings GuitarNew City Limits, Iced tea sunburst, ThroBak pickups, NAMM 2015 This Guitar is sold
Eastman GuitarNew AR372CE This Guitar is sold
Epiphone GuitarDevonc. 1950Sold in under 2 weeks
Gibson GuitarES-1251951 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarES-1751952 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarES-125T1959 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarES-175D1965 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarES-335 Dot (pearl white)1984 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarLe Grande1998 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarES-137 Custom2003 This Guitar is sold
Select, recently sold Archtop Guitars
Gibson GuitarES-137 Custom2005Sold in under 2 weeks
Gitane GuitarNew D-500 This Guitar is sold
Gretsch GuitarNew G5422TDC Electromatic Hollow Body, Transparent red This Guitar is sold
Gretsch Guitar6122 Country Gentleman1962 This Guitar is sold
Gretsch GuitarG6119-1959 Chet Atkins Tennessee Rose2013 This Guitar is sold

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New Gitane DG-255
Gitane DG-300 John Jorgenson

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Collings I-35LC, Tobacco sunburst, '60s neck

Ibanez George Benson GB10 Sunburst 1981

Collings I-35 LC TobaccoSunburst

Collings SoCo Deluxe Quilted Maple Top

Gretsch G6122-1962 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman

Eastman AR503CE, Sunburst

Gretsch G6112TCB-JR Center-Block LTD 2-Tone