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Maker Model Year Case
Collings GuitarNew Eastside LC Deluxe, Blonde Orig. Hard$5,670
Collings GuitarNew Eastside LC, Dark cherry sunburst, Prototype, Deep body Orig. Hard$5,490
Collings GuitarNew Eastside LC, Tobacco sunburst Orig. Hard$4,680
Collings GuitarNew I-35 LC, Faded cherry Orig. Hard$4,050
Eastman GuitarNew AR503CE, Sunburst Orig. Hard$999
Epiphone GuitarCentury (blonde) 1955Orig. Hard$1,750
Gibson GuitarES-335 Dot (pearl white) 1984Orig. Hard$2,800
Gitane GuitarNew D-500 no$825
Gitane GuitarNew DG-255 no$825
Gretsch GuitarNew G5420T Electromatic Hollow Body no$875
Gretsch GuitarNew G5422TDC Electromatic Hollow Body, Transparent red no$875
Gretsch GuitarNew G5622T-CB Electromatic Center-Block, Rosa Red no$975
Gretsch GuitarNew G6112TCB-JR Center-Block LTD 2-Tone Orig. Hard$2,449
Gretsch GuitarNew G6120 Chet Atkins Hollow Body, Orange Orig. Hard$2,425
Gretsch GuitarNew G6122-1962 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman Orig. Hard$2,650
Gretsch GuitarNew G6136TLTV White Falcon Orig. Hard$3,825
Gretsch GuitarNew G6196T Country Club Orig. Hard$2,925
Gretsch Guitar6122 Country Gentleman 1962Orig. Hard$5,700
Guild GuitarArtist Award 1994Orig. Hard$4,995
Kay GuitarK172 1956Orig. Hard$1,600
Loar GuitarNew LH-309-VS Orig. Hard$795
Michael Hemken GuitarBrazilian 17" 2002Orig. Hard$4,500
Select, recently sold Archtop Guitars
Collings GuitarNew I-35 Deluxe, ThroBak pickupsSold in under 2 weeks
Collings GuitarNew I-35 LC, Tobacco sunburstSold in under 2 weeks
Eastman GuitarNew T386SB, Sunburst This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarL-501939 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarL-47 Plus (16", carved top)1941Sold in under 2 weeks
Gibson GuitarL-501954 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarES-175 D Natural (original lefthanded)1957 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarES-330TD1959Sold in under 2 weeks
Gibson GuitarES-125TC1963 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarES-3351988 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarL-4CES2001 This Guitar is sold
Select, recently sold Archtop Guitars
Gretsch GuitarNew Yorker2014Sold in under 2 weeks
Gretsch GuitarNew G6120SSLVO Brian Setzer Nashville, Vintage Orange Lacquer This Guitar is sold
Gretsch GuitarNew G6137TCB Panther Center Block, Limited Flagstaff Sunset This Guitar is sold
Guild GuitarT-100-D1965 This Guitar is sold
Univox GuitarBarney Kesselc. 1972 This Guitar is sold

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New Gitane D-500

1955 Epiphone Century (blonde)

New Collings Eastside LC, Tobacco sunburst
Gretsch G6122-1962 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Gitane DG-255

Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman 1962

Eastman AR503CE, Sunburst

Gibson ES-335 Dot (pearl white) 1984

Gretsch G6112TCB-JR Center-Block LTD 2-Tone