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Banjos In Stock

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Maker Model Type
Bart Reiter/Vega BanjoStyle X, Original Vega neck Tenor2002Orig. Hard$1,200
Brooks Masten BanjoSpartan,11 inch fretless 5 Stringc. 2006New Hard$1,450
Clarophone BanjoSoprano w/ 6" head Banjo-Ukec.1929no$395
Deering BanjoNew Classic Goodtime Two 5 Stringno$795
Deering BanjoNew Deluxe 5-String, Mahogany 5 StringOrig. Hard$2,789
Deering BanjoNew Eagle II Resonator 5 StringOrig. Hard$2,195
Deering BanjoNew Goodtime 5 Stringno$399
Deering BanjoNew Goodtime 2 5 Stringno$589
Deering BanjoNew Goodtime Americana 5 Stringno$499
Deering BanjoNew Goodtime, Left-handed 5 Stringno$399
Deering BanjoNew Sierra, Maple 5 StringOrig. Hard$2,199
Deering BanjoGoodtime, Lefty 5 String2009Gig Bag$295
Deering BanjoAmericana 12" 5 String2014bag$360
Deering BanjoGoodtime Tenor 2014no case$325
Eastman BanjoNew EBJ-WL1 5 StringOrig. Hard$1,359
Fairbanks BanjoElectric #0 5 String1902Gig Bag$2,950
Fender BanjoLeo 5 Stringc. 1978Orig. Hard$775
Fluke BanjoNew Firefly M80W, Wooden fretboard, Walnut neck, Soprano Banjo-Ukeno$250
Gibson BanjoRB-250 5 String1967OHSC$1,950
Gretsch BanjoNew G9450 Dixie 5-String Open-Back Banjo 5 Stringno$239
Huber BanjoNew Kalamazoo 5 StringSemi-hard$5,030
Huber BanjoNew Lancaster Truetone 5 StringOrig. Hard$4,945
Huber BanjoNew VRB-3 Truetone 5 StringOrig. Hard$5,295
Huber BanjoNew Workhorse Mahogany 5 StringOrig. Hard$2,659
Iida BanjoRB-250 copy w/ D tuners 5 String1970sOrig. Hard$675
Kay Banjo5-string 5 String1960sOrig Chip$300
La Venicia Banjo Banjo Uke with scenic head decal, 8" head Banjo-Uke1930sOrig Canvas$475
Lang BanjoChallenger Tenorc. 1930Chipboard$595
Leedy BanjoTenor 19-fret Tenorc. 1932Orig. Hard$650
Maurice Mayes BanjoNew Folk Art Banjo-Guitar 5 StringOrig. Hard$800
Ome BanjoNew Celtic, Megatone tone ring, Mahogany 5 StringOrig. Hard$3,175
Ome BanjoNew Flora, Walnut, Armrest 5 StringOrig. Hard$2,450
Ome BanjoNew Minstrel, Mahogany 5 StringOrig. Hard$1,935
Ome BanjoNew Mira Prototype, 2015 NAMM 5 StringOrig. Hard$2,849
Ome BanjoNew Oracle, Curly maple, Sunburst 5 StringOrig. Hard$3,895
Ome Banjo12" Minstrel 5 String2012Orig. Hard$1,550
Orpheum BanjoStyle 3 Special Tenorc. 1920Orig. Hard$1,100
Paramount BanjoStyle A Tenor1920sOrig. Hard$850
Recording King BanjoNew Madison RK-OT25-BR 5 Stringno$550
Recording King BanjoNew Madison RK-R35-BR 5 Stringno$900
Recording King BanjoNew Madison RK-R36-BR 5 Stringno$1,000
Rickard BanjoNew Maple Ridge, 11", Antiqued brass hardware 5 StringOrig. Hard$1,635
Rickard BanjoNew Tubaphone, 11", Walnut, Antiqued brass hardware 5 StringOrig. Hard$2,400
Vega BanjoNew Olde Tyme Wonder, 11" 5 StringOrig. Hard$1,495
Vega BanjoNew Olde Tyme Wonder, 12" 5 StringOrig. Hard$1,595
Vega BanjoTubaphone, newer 5-st. neck 5 Stringc. 1923Hardshell$1,500
Vega BanjoTubaphone Style M, newer neck 5 Stringc. 1927Hardshell$1,700
Waldman Banjo11" Chromatic, Cherry 5 StringNewno$1,495
Waldman Banjo12" Chromatic, Cherry 5 StringNewno$1,495
Waldman Banjo12" Wood-O-Phone 5 StringNewno$1,495
Waldman Banjo12" Wood-O-Phone, Half fretless, Cherry, Minstrel headstock 5 StringNewno$1,495
Wilson Brothers Banjo17-fret Tenor Tenor1920sOrig. Leather$495
Select, recently sold Banjos
Ludwig BanjoWendell Hall Professional 7 1/2" headBanjo-Ukec.1929 This Banjo is sold
S.S. Stewart BanjoUniversal Favorite5-st. Open Backc.1893 This Banjo is sold
Slingerland BanjoMay Bell w/resonatorPlectrumc.1930 This Banjo is sold
Vega Banjo5-St. PlectrumPlectrum1923 This Banjo is sold

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New Huber Workhorse Mahogany
Gibson RB-250 1967

Deering Sierra, Maple

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Deering Deluxe 5-String, Mahogany

Deering Americana 12" 2014

Deering Goodtime Tenor 2014

Bart Reiter/Vega Style X, Original Vega neck 2002

Deering Eagle II Resonator

Ome Celtic, Megatone tone ring, Mahogany