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5-st. Open Back Banjos In Stock

click here for Used & Vintage 5-st. Open Back Banjos only

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Maker Model Year Case
Bart Reiter BanjoNew Buckbee, Mahogany neck no$1,095
Bart Reiter BanjoNew Standard no$1,195
Deering BanjoNew Eagle II Openback Orig. Hard$1,898
Deering BanjoNew Goodtime no$399
Deering BanjoNew Goodtime Americana no$499
Deering BanjoNew Goodtime, Left-handed no$399
Deering BanjoGoodtime, Lefty 2009Gig Bag$295
Eastman BanjoNew EBJ-WL1 Orig. Hard$1,359
Fairbanks BanjoElectric #0 1902Gig Bag$2,950
Gold Star BanjoNew GF-200 Orig. Hard$2,099
Gretsch BanjoNew G9450 Dixie 5-String Open-Back Banjo no$239
Ome BanjoNew Minstrel, Mahogany Orig. Hard$1,935
Ome Banjo12" Minstrel 2012Orig. Hard$1,550
Recording King BanjoNew Madison RK-O25-BR no$550
Recording King BanjoNew Madison RK-OT25-BR no$550
Rickard BanjoNew Maple Ridge, 11", Antiqued brass hardware Orig. Hard$1,635
Rickard BanjoNew Maple Ridge, 12", Antiqued brass hardware Orig. Hard$1,685
Rickard BanjoNew Tubaphone, 11", Walnut, Antiqued brass hardware Orig. Hard$2,400
Vance Banjo12 inch Cherry NewHSC$1,600
Vance Banjo12 inch, Walnut NewHSC$1,600
Vega BanjoNew Olde Tyme Wonder, 11" Orig. Hard$1,495
Vega BanjoNew Olde Tyme Wonder, 12" Orig. Hard$1,595
Waldman BanjoNew 11" Wood-O-Phone, Cherry no$1,495
Waldman Banjo11" Chromatic, Cherry Newno$1,495
Waldman Banjo12" Chromatic, Cherry Newno$1,495
Waldman Banjo12" Wood-O-Phone Newno$1,495
Waldman Banjo12" Wood-O-Phone, Half fretless, Cherry, Minstrel headstock Newno$1,495

Gryphon Stringed Instruments

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Vega Olde Tyme Wonder, 12"

Bart Reiter Standard

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Ome 12" Minstrel 2012

Rickard Tubaphone, 11", Walnut, Antiqued brass hardware

Rickard Maple Ridge, 11", Antiqued brass hardware

Rickard Maple Ridge, 12", Antiqued brass hardware

Deering Eagle II Openback

Deering Goodtime Americana

Bart Reiter Buckbee, Mahogany neck