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Mandolin Family In Stock

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Maker Model Type
Breedlove MandolinNew Premier FO Orig. Hard$1,499
Breedlove MandolinNew Premier OF Orig. Hard$999
Collings MandolinNew MF Orig. Hard$4,410
Collings MandolinNew MF Deluxe, 2014 NAMM Orig. Hard$5,400
Collings MandolinNew MF O, Gloss top, 2014 NAMM Orig. Hard$4,770
Collings MandolinNew MT, Gloss top, Tortoise-style binding with purfling, 2014 NAMM Orig. Hard$2,610
Collings MandolinNew MT, Pickguard Orig. Hard$2,475
Collings MandolinNew MT2, Tangerine sunburst, Tortoise-style binding, 2014 NAMM Orig. Hard$3,330
Eastman MandolinNew MD305 Gig Bag$479
Eastman MandolinNew MD315 Gig Bag$699
Eastman MandolinNew MD404-BK Orig. Hard$599
Eastman MandolinNew MD505, Classic finish Semi-hard$699
Eastman MandolinNew MD505, Classic sunburst Semi-hard$699
Eastman MandolinNew MD515, Classic finish Semi-hard$999
Eastman MandolinNew MD605, Sunburst Semi-hard$839
Eastman MandolinNew MD815, Sunburst Orig. Hard$1,599
Flatiron Mandolin2MC 1995Orig. Hard$625
Gibson MandolinA-3 blond top 1914New Hard$1,595
Gibson MandolinA-3 Whiteface 1919Semi-hard$1,775
Gibson MandolinA-4 red sunburst 1920Orig. Hard$2,900
Gibson MandolinA-2Z 1924Hardshell$4,985
Gibson MandolinA-5L 1995Orig. Hard$2,200
Gretsch MandolinNew New Yorker Standard no$199
Gretsch MandolinNew New Yorker Supreme A/E Orig. Hard$349
Jamie Wiens MandolinLoar F-5 "bench copy" 2009Hardshell$11,000
Kentucky MandolinNew KM-1000 no$1,495
Kentucky MandolinNew KM-150 no$265
Kentucky MandolinNew KM-505 no$599
Kentucky MandolinNew KM-950 Orig. Hard$1,225
Loar MandolinNew LM-300-VS no$500
Loar MandolinNew LM-600-BK Orig. Hard$850
Loar MandolinNew LM-600-VS Orig. Hard$850
Loar MandolinLM-300 2011Orig. Hard$325
Lyon and Healy MandolinC circa 1925Orig. Hard$1,995
Martin MandolinStyle B 1922Orig. Hard$1,195
Medalist MandolinResonator Mandolin c. 1930sChipboard$575
Northfield MandolinNew NF-F2S Orig. Hard$2,695
Northfield MandolinNF-F5SE 2013Orig. Hard$1,999
Paul Newson MandolinNew F-5 Vintage Sunburst (varnish) Orig. Hard$5,400
Trinity College MandolinNew TM-375 Irish Bouzouki BouzoukiOrig. Hard$749
Recently sold Mandolin Family
Airline MandolinP-5 Electric Mandolinc. 1956 This Mandolin is sold
Big Muddy MandolinM-1W2003Sold in under 2 weeks
Breedlove MandolinNew Premier OO This Mandolin is sold
Collings MandolinNew MT O, Sheraton brown, Pickguard, Ivoroid binding, 2014 NAMMSold in under 2 weeks
Collings MandolinNew MT, 1 3/16" nut, Pickguard This Mandolin is sold
Collings MandolinMT-Lefty2010 This Mandolin is sold
Eastman MandolinNew MD-505 Classic This Mandolin is sold
Eastman MandolinNew MD-505, Classic Sunburst This Mandolin is sold
Eastman MandolinNew MD605 This Mandolin is sold
Eastman MandolinMD6142006 This Mandolin is sold
Gibson MandolinF-41918 This Mandolin is sold
Select, recently sold Mandolin Family
Gibson MandolinA-2 brown face1919 This Mandolin is sold
Gibson MandolinF-21929 This Mandolin is sold
Joe Foley MandolinIrish BouzoukiBouzouki2002Sold in under 2 weeks
Kentucky MandolinNew KM-600 This Mandolin is sold
Northfield MandolinNew NF-F5S This Mandolin is sold
Sovereign Mandolin-banjo10" pot1920s This Mandolin-banjo is sold
Unknown MandolinBowl-Back Mandolin, needs helpBowl-backc.1900 This Mandolin is sold
Unknown Mandolin-banjo10" pot Mandolin-banjoc. 1920 This Mandolin-banjo is sold
Washburn MandolinBowl-back MandolinBowl-backc1896 This Mandolin is sold

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1914 Gibson A-3 blond top
New Breedlove Premier FO
New Northfield NF-F2S
Lyon and Healy C circa 1925

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Eastman MD404-BK
Gibson A-2Z 1924
Northfield NF-F5SE 2013
Flatiron 2MC 1995
Eastman MD515, Classic finish