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Mandolin Family In Stock

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Maker Model Type
Breedlove MandolinNew Legacy OF Orig. Hard$1,599
Breedlove MandolinNew Premier FF Orig. Hard$1,499
Breedlove MandolinNew Premier OO Orig. Hard$999
Collings MandolinNew MF Orig. Hard$4,410
Collings MandolinNew MF Deluxe Orig. Hard$5,400
Collings MandolaNew MT Mandola, Gloss top, Ivoroid binding, Pickguard Orig. Hard$3,150
Collings MandolinNew MT O, Pickguard Orig. Hard$2,745
Collings MandolinNew MT, Gloss top, Ivoroid binding, 1 3/16" nut Orig. Hard$2,745
Collings MandolinNew MT2, Tangerine sunburst, Tortoise-style binding, 2014 NAMM Orig. Hard$3,330
Eastman MandolinNew MD305 Gig Bag$479
Eastman MandolinNew MD315 Gig Bag$699
Eastman MandolinNew MD505, Classic finish Semi-hard$699
Eastman MandolinNew MD505, Classic sunburst Semi-hard$699
Eastman MandolinNew MD515, Classic finish Semi-hard$999
Eastman MandolinNew MD605, Sunburst Semi-hard$839
Eastman MandolinNew MD805, Classic Semi-hard$1,079
Eastman MandolinNew MD815, Sunburst Orig. Hard$1,599
Gibson MandolinA-3 blond top 1914New Hard$1,595
Gibson MandolinA-3 Whiteface 1919Semi-hard$1,775
Gibson MandolinA-4 red sunburst 1920Orig. Hard$2,900
Gibson MandolinA-2 1922Orig. Hard$1,985
Gibson MandolinA-2Z 1924Hardshell$4,985
Gibson MandolinA-Junior 1924Orig. Hard$2,500
Gibson MandolinF-5L 1990Hardshell$5,275
Gibson MandolinA-5L 1995Orig. Hard$2,200
Gibson MandolinF-5 Master Model 2001Orig. Hard w/cover$14,800
Gretsch MandolinNew New Yorker Standard no$199
Gretsch MandolinNew New Yorker Supreme A/E no$349
Jamie Wiens MandolinLoar F-5 "bench copy" 2009Hardshell$11,000
Kentucky MandolinNew KM-1000 no$1,495
Kentucky MandolinNew KM-150 no$265
Kentucky MandolinNew KM-254 no$450
Kentucky MandolinNew KM-505 no$599
Kentucky MandolinKM-171 2007Hardshell$260
Loar MandolinNew LM-300-VS no$500
Loar MandolinNew LM-600-VS Orig. Hard$850
Lyon and Healy MandolinC circa 1925Orig. Hard$1,995
Martin MandolinStyle B 1922Orig. Hard$1,195
Medalist MandolinResonator Mandolin c. 1930sChipboard$575
Northfield MandolinNew NF-F5M, Modern set-up, James tailpiece Orig. Hard$4,200
Northfield MandolinNew NF-F5S Orig. Hard$2,695
Sumi MandolinS-5 DX 2009Orig. Hard$3,555
Recently sold Mandolin Family
Brandt MandolinStyle GX Bowl-back MandolinBowl-backc. 1905 This Mandolin is sold
Breedlove MandolinNew Premier FO This Mandolin is sold
Breedlove MandolinNew Premier OF This Mandolin is sold
Breedlove MandolinPremier FF 2012 This Mandolin is sold
Collings MandolinNew MT, Gloss top, Tortoise-style binding with purfling, 2014 NAMM This Mandolin is sold
Collings MandolinNew MT, Pickguard This Mandolin is sold
Eastman MandocelloNew MDC805 Mandocello, SunburstSold in under 2 weeks
Eastman MandolinNew MD404-BK This Mandolin is sold
Eastman MandolinNew MD504, Classic This Mandolin is sold
Eastman MandolinMD515 Classic Finish2013Sold in under 2 weeks
Flatiron Mandola1N Mandola1994Sold in under 2 weeks
Select, recently sold Mandolin Family
Flatiron Mandolin2MC1995 This Mandolin is sold
Flatiron MandolinF-5 Artist1996Sold in under 2 weeks
Gibson MandolinArmy & Navy Special Mandolin1919 This Mandolin is sold
Gibson MandolinA-2 Project Mandolin1920 This Mandolin is sold
Kentucky MandolinNew KM-950 This Mandolin is sold
Loar MandolinNew LM-600-BK This Mandolin is sold
Loar MandolinLM-3002011 This Mandolin is sold
Northfield MandolinNew NF-F2S This Mandolin is sold
Northfield MandolinNF-F5SE2013 This Mandolin is sold
R. L. Givens MandolinA-31991Sold in under 2 weeks
Trinity College MandolinNew TM-375 Irish BouzoukiBouzouki This Mandolin is sold
W.A. Petersen MandolinNew Level 4, Octave mandolin OctaveSold in under 2 weeks

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New Northfield NF-F5M, Modern set-up, James tailpiece
Collings MT O, Pickguard
Kentucky KM-254

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Northfield NF-F5S
Eastman MD805, Classic
Kentucky KM-171 2007
Breedlove Premier FF
Collings MT Mandola, Gloss top, Ivoroid binding, Pickguard
Breedlove Premier OO