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Maker Model Type
Collings UkuleleNew UC1 K, Concert ConcertOrig. Hard$1,755
Collings UkuleleNew UC1, Concert ConcertOrig. Hard$1,440
Collings UkuleleNew UC2 K, Concert ConcertOrig. Hard$2,430
Collings UkuleleNew UC2, Doghair finish, Ivoroid binding (body and neck), Pearloid veneer with etched binding ConcertOrig. Hard$2,745
Collings UkuleleNew UC2, Full body sunburst ConcertOrig. Hard$2,340
Fluke UkuleleNew Flea M30, Batik, Soprano SopranoGig Bag$235
Fluke UkuleleNew Flea M30, Natural, Soprano SopranoGig Bag$199
Fluke UkuleleNew Flea M40, Island, Concert ConcertGig Bag$255
Gibson UkuleleUke 1 Sopranoc 1927Gig Bag$600
Gretsch UkuleleNew Concert Koa ConcertGig Bag$399
Gretsch UkuleleNew Concert Standard ConcertGig Bag$119
Gretsch UkuleleNew G9120-SK Tenor Koa TenorGig Bag$429
Gretsch UkuleleNew Tenor A.C.E. TenorGig Bag$219
Gretsch UkuleleNew Tenor Standard TenorGig Bag$129
Gretsch Ukulele"Style O" Sopranoc. 1950Import Hard$249
Harmony UkuleleSoprano stenciled brown Soprano1930sno$125
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-1 D, Deluxe, Soprano SopranoOrig. Hard$1,695
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-1 L, Long neck, Soprano SopranoOrig. Hard$995
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-1, Soprano SopranoOrig. Hard$895
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-2 L, Long neck, Concert ConcertOrig. Hard$1,195
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-2 LDS, Deluxe, Long neck, Spruce top, Concert ConcertOrig. Hard$1,995
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-2, Concert ConcertOrig. Hard$1,095
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-3 D, Deluxe, Tenor TenorOrig. Hard$2,095
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-3 LDS, Deluxe, Long neck, Spruce top, Tenor TenorOrig. Hard$2,195
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-3, Tenor TenorOrig. Hard$1,295
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-36, 6-String, Tenor TenorOrig. Hard$1,395
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-38 8-string, Tenor TenorOrig. Hard$1,495
Kamaka UkuleleHF-36 Tenorc. 1989Orig Chip$900
Kamaka UkulelePineapple shape Sopranoc.1930sOrig Chip$1,250
Kamaka UkuleleHF-3 Tenorc.1980sSemi-hard$850
Kamoa UkuleleNew E3-P, Brown, Soprano Sopranono$165
Kamoa UkuleleNew E3-T, Brown, Tenor Tenorno$231
Kremona UkuleleNew Coco Tenor TenorOrig. Hard$699
Kremona UkuleleNew Mari Tenor TenorOrig. Hard$599
La Venicia UkuleleSoprano Uke with Venice decal Sopranoc. 1949Orig Chip$178
Martin UkuleleNew 1T IZ, Tenor TenorGig Bag$1,549
Martin UkuleleNew 2K, Concert ConcertGig Bag$1,349
Martin UkuleleNew 2K, Tenor TenorGig Bag$1,399
Martin UkuleleNew C1K, Concert ConcertGig Bag$469
Martin UkuleleNew T1K, Tenor TenorGig Bag$499
Martin Ukulele1K Sopranoc 1920Orig Canvas$1,200
Martin Ukulele1T Tenorc.1945Orig Chip$1,125
Martin UkuleleStyle 3 M Sopranoc.1947Orig Chip$2,300
Maui Music UkuleleNew CKDLX, Concert ConcertSemi-hard$2,055
Maui Music UkuleleNew SKDLX, Soprano SopranoOrig. Hard$1,895
Maui Music UkuleleT6K Six String Tenor Tenor1996Semi-hard$675
Moku UkuleleNew MS-60C, Concert Concertno$335
Moku UkuleleNew MS-60T Tenor$364
Moku UkuleleNew MS-90C, Concert Concertno$368
Moku UkuleleNew MS-90T Tenor$402
Moku UkuleleNew MS-90TC, Tenor Tenorno$518
Platt Music Company UkuleleSoprano Sopranoc. 1923Chipboard$480
Pono UkuleleNew MCD, Concert ConcertChipboard$469
Regal Ukulelekoa body with rope binding Sopranoc1930New Hard$625
Rick Turner UkuleleNew All Myrtle, Compass Rose Style B, Ivoroid Bound, Full Gloss TenorGig Bag$1,615
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Compass Rose Cedar/Sycamore Style B TenorGig Bag$1,598
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Compass Rose Micro Jumbo, California Sycamore, Ivoroid Binding, Full Gloss TenorGig Bag$1,785
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Compass Rose Style B, 14-fret, Adirondack top, Full gloss, Tenor TenorGig Bag$1,615
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Nano-jumbo, Flamed maple over malaysian blackwood ConcertGig Bag$1,782
Vox UkuleleNew Ukelectric, Blackburst, Concert ConcertGig Bag$300
Vox UkuleleNew Ukelectric, Natural brown, Concert ConcertGig Bag$300
Select, recently sold Ukuleles
Blackbird UkuleleNew Clara, ConcertConcert This Ukulele is sold
Blackbird UkuleleNew Clara, MISI pickup, ConcertConcert This Ukulele is sold
Collings UkuleleNew UT1, TenorTenor This Ukulele is sold
Collings UkuleleNew UT2, Figured mahoganyTenor This Ukulele is sold
Graziano UkuleleLed Jr.Tenor2002 This Ukulele is sold
Harmony UkuleleMahoganyBaritoneearly 1950sSold in under 2 weeks
Kala UkuleleConcertConcert2010 This Ukulele is sold
Kamaka UkeleleHF-3Tenor2010Sold in under 2 weeks
Kamaka UkuleleNew HB-2 DC Bell shape deluxe Ohta-san, Cedar top, ConcertConcert This Ukulele is sold
Martin UkuleleStyle 1 CConcertc.1960 This Ukulele is sold
Martin UkuleleStyle 0Sopranoc. 1950 This Ukulele is sold
Select, recently sold Ukuleles
Martin UkuleleStyle 1Sopranoc. 1955 This Ukulele is sold
Martin Ukulele1TTenorc.1969 This Ukulele is sold
Pono UkulelePTOTenor2009Sold in under 2 weeks
Regal TipleTiple c This Tiple is sold
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Compass Rose Nano Jumbo style 1 mahoganyConcert This Ukulele is sold
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Compass Rose 14-fret Crazy SycamoreTenor This Ukulele is sold
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Compass Rose, Micro-Jumbo, Stanford Redwood/ Walnut Tenor This Ukulele is sold
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Micro-Jumbo Tenor Crazy Sycamore style BTenor This Ukulele is sold

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Rick Turner Compass Rose Micro Jumbo, California Sycamore, Ivoroid Binding, Full Gloss

Kamoa E3-P, Brown, Soprano

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Kamoa E3-T, Brown, Tenor

Kamaka HF-36 c. 1989

Kamaka HF-3 c.1980s

Gibson Uke 1 c 1927

Kremona Mari Tenor

Kremona Coco Tenor

Moku MS-90C, Concert