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Soprano Ukes In Stock

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Maker Model Year Case
Echo UkuleleSolid Koa Fancy Soprano Ukulele 1920sno$735
Favilla UkuleleSoprano Uke, Maple 1950sGig Bag$250
Fluke Banjo-UkeNew Firefly M80W, Wooden fretboard, Walnut neck, Soprano no$250
Fluke UkuleleNew Flea M30, Batik, Soprano Gig Bag$235
Fluke UkuleleNew Flea M30, Natural, Soprano Gig Bag$199
Fluke UkuleleNew Flea M30, Walnut, Hardwood fretboard, Laser cut soundhole, Soprano Gig Bag$345
Fluke UkuleleNew Flea M30, Walnut, Hardwood fretboard, Soprano Gig Bag$309
Gretsch UkuleleNew Camp Uke, Soprano no$129
Gretsch Ukulele"Style O" c. 1950Import Hard$249
Harmony UkuleleSoprano stenciled brown 1930sno$125
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-1 D, Soprano Orig. Hard$1,695
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-1 L, Long neck, Soprano Orig. Hard$995
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-1, Soprano Orig. Hard$895
Kamaka UkuleleNew HP-1 Pineapple, Soprano Orig. Hard$895
Kamaka UkulelePineapple shape c.1930sOrig Chip$1,250
Kamoa UkuleleNew E3-P, Brown, Soprano no$160
Lehua UkuleleNew Soprano Long Neck no$199
Ludwig Banjo-UkeWendell Hall Professional 7 1/2" head c.1929Orig. Hard$1,585
Martin UkuleleStyle 2 c. 1948Orig. Hard$1,175
Martin UkuleleStyle 3 mahogany c. 1950sOrig Chip$2,400
Martin UkuleleStyle 1 c.1950no$625
Martin UkuleleStyle 2 c.1950Chipboard$1,385
Martin UkuleleStyle 0 c.1963Chipboard$495
Maui Music UkuleleNew SKDLX, Soprano Orig. Hard$1,895
Pono UkuleleNew MS, Soprano no$322
Slingerland Banjo-UkeMaybell Banjo Uke, 7" pot c. 1925Orig Chip$350
Recently sold Soprano Ukes
Gibson Banjo-UkeUB Trapdoor, 9" pot1925 This Banjo-Uke is sold
Jonas Kumalae UkuleleAll Koac.1920 This Ukulele is sold
Martin Ukulele2K c.1925 This Ukulele is sold
Martin UkuleleStyle 0c. 1957 This Ukulele is sold
Stella Ukuleleuke1950s This Ukulele is sold
Werco Banjo-UkeAluminum Neck Banjo Uke 7" head1960s This Banjo-Uke is sold

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Kamoa E3-P, Brown, Soprano

Martin Style 3 mahogany c. 1950s

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Favilla Soprano Uke, Maple 1950s

Slingerland Maybell Banjo Uke, 7" pot c. 1925

Kamaka Pineapple shape c.1930s

Lehua Soprano Long Neck

Kamaka HP-1 Pineapple, Soprano

Fluke Firefly M80W, Wooden fretboard, Walnut neck, Soprano

Martin Style 2 c.1950