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Tenor Ukes In Stock

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Maker Model Year Case
Gretsch UkuleleNew G9120-SK Tenor Koa Gig Bag$429
Gretsch UkuleleNew Tenor A.C.E. Gig Bag$219
Gretsch UkuleleNew Tenor Standard Gig Bag$129
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-3 D, Deluxe, Tenor Orig. Hard$2,095
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-3 LDS, Deluxe, Long neck, Spruce top, Tenor Orig. Hard$2,195
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-3, Tenor Orig. Hard$1,295
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-36, 6-String, Tenor Orig. Hard$1,395
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-38 8-string, Tenor Orig. Hard$1,495
Kamaka UkuleleHF-36 c. 1989Orig Chip$900
Kamaka UkuleleHF-3 c.1980sSemi-hard$850
Kamoa UkuleleNew E3-T, Brown, Tenor no$231
Kremona UkuleleNew Coco Tenor Orig. Hard$699
Kremona UkuleleNew Mari Tenor Orig. Hard$599
Martin UkuleleNew 1T IZ, Tenor Gig Bag$1,549
Martin UkuleleNew 2K, Tenor Gig Bag$1,399
Martin UkuleleNew T1K, Tenor Gig Bag$499
Martin Ukulele1T c.1945Orig Chip$1,125
Maui Music UkuleleT6K Six String Tenor 1996Semi-hard$675
Moku UkuleleNew MS-60T $364
Moku UkuleleNew MS-90T $402
Moku UkuleleNew MS-90TC, Tenor no$518
Rick Turner UkuleleNew All Myrtle, Compass Rose Style B, Ivoroid Bound, Full Gloss Gig Bag$1,615
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Compass Rose Cedar/Sycamore Style B Gig Bag$1,598
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Compass Rose Micro Jumbo, California Sycamore, Ivoroid Binding, Full Gloss Gig Bag$1,785
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Compass Rose Style B, 14-fret, Adirondack top, Full gloss, Tenor Gig Bag$1,615
Select, recently sold Tenor Ukes
Collings UkuleleNew UT1, Tenor This Ukulele is sold
Graziano UkuleleLed Jr.2002 This Ukulele is sold
Kamaka UkeleleHF-32010Sold in under 2 weeks
Martin Ukulele1Tc.1969 This Ukulele is sold
Pono UkulelePTO2009Sold in under 2 weeks
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Compass Rose 14-fret Crazy Sycamore This Ukulele is sold
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Compass Rose, Micro-Jumbo, Stanford Redwood/ Walnut This Ukulele is sold
Rick Turner UkuleleNew Micro-Jumbo Tenor Crazy Sycamore style B This Ukulele is sold

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Rick Turner Compass Rose Micro Jumbo, California Sycamore, Ivoroid Binding, Full Gloss

Kamoa E3-T, Brown, Tenor

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Kamaka HF-36 c. 1989

Kamaka HF-3 c.1980s

Kremona Mari Tenor

Kremona Coco Tenor

Kamaka HF-3 LDS, Deluxe, Long neck, Spruce top, Tenor

Moku MS-90TC, Tenor

Rick Turner Compass Rose Cedar/Sycamore Style B