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Amplifiers In Stock

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Maker Model Type
AER AmplifierNew Compact 60/3 Gig Bag$1,099
Carr AmplifierNew Artemus 1-12, Black no$2,250
Carr AmplifierNew Mercury 1-12 Combo, Black no$2,390
Carr AmplifierNew Raleigh 1-10 Combo, Black/Cream no$1,450
Carr Amplifier AmpNew Rambler 1-12 Combo, Black no$2,530
Carr AmplifierNew Rambler 1-12 Combo, Tweed no$2,730
Carr AmplifierNew Viceroy 1-12 Combo, CoCo no$2,730
Fishman AmplifierNew PRO-LBX-500 Loudbox Mini no$363
Fishman Amplifier AmpNew PRO-LBX-600 Loudbox Artist no$550
Fishman AmplifierNew PRO-LBX-700 Loudbox Performer no$770
Hartke Amplifier AmpNew B600 no$239
Laney AmplifierNew RB 4 Bass Amp no$469
Laney AmplifierNew Cub-12R no$399
Laney AmplifierNew L20T-112 Lionheart Cover$1,199
Oahu/Valco Amplifier AmpNew Yellow no$575
Rickenbacher AmplifierStandard Style 4 1937$600
Schertler AmplifierNew David Classic, Gray no$999
Schertler AmplifierNew Giulia, Wood no$500
Schertler AmplifierNew JAM 150, Wood no$999
Schertler AmplifierNew Unico Classic, Grey no$1,279
VHT AmplifierNew AV-HW1-12 The Standard 12 no$830
Vox Amplifier AmpNew AGA70 no$359
Vox AmplifierNew MINI3 G2 CL no$120
Vox AmplifierNew Night Train NT15H-G2 Head + V112NT-G2 1x12" Cabinet no$750
Vox Amplifier AmpNew Pathfinder 10 No$79
Vox AmplifierNew TB35C1 Bruno 35 Watt 1X12 Combo Gig Bag$995
Vox Amplifier AmpNew VT20Plus no$170
Vox AmplifierNew VT40 Plus $249
Vox Amplifier AmpNew VT50 no$380
Recently sold Amplifiers
AER Amplifier AmpNew Alpha This Amplifier Amp is sold
AER AmplifierNew Compact-Mobile 2 This Amplifier is sold
Fender AmplifierChamp1968 This Amplifier is sold
Fender Amplifier'65 Princeton Reverb Reissue2010 This Amplifier is sold
Fender AmplifierFender '65 Princeton Reverb FSR Surf Tone Green2011 This Amplifier is sold
Gibson AmplifierGA-50T1950 This Amplifier is sold
Laney AmplifierNew VC15-110 VC Series This Amplifier is sold
Valco AmplifierAirline1965 This Amplifier is sold

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Rickenbacher Standard Style 4 1937

AER Compact 60/3

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Fishman PRO-LBX-500 Loudbox Mini

Schertler JAM 150, Wood

Schertler Giulia, Wood

Vox Night Train NT15H-G2 Head + V112NT-G2 1x12" Cabinet

Schertler Unico Classic, Grey

Schertler David Classic, Gray

Laney Cub-12R