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Instrument Cases In Stock

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Maker Model Type
BAM CaseNew Flight high tech classical case cover ClassicalImport Hard$200
Calton CaseNew Dreadnought, Black/green $995
Calton CaseNew Mandolin, White/red no$685
Calton CaseNew Resonator Banjo, White/red no$825
Collings CaseNew Tenor Ukulele Case Tenor$130
Collings CaseConcert Ukulele Case Concert2013Collings concert uke case$130
G & G CaseNew Jazz Bass Case Brown NA$124
Geib Case"Flawless" brand case for 18" Archtop Guitar 1940s$245
Gibson Case1960s 16" Gibson Case 1960s$250
Gibson Case1963 Gibson EB Case made by Lifton 1963$350
Gretsch Case17" Archtop Case only c. 1950s$165
Hiscox CaseNew LA-GAD-B/S Artist Dreadnought Black no$529
Hiscox CaseNew PRO-II-EF-B/S, Strat/Tele $279
Hiscox CaseNew PRO-II-EG-B/S, Les Paul $279
Hiscox CaseNew PRO-II-GAD-B/S $279
Hiscox CaseNew Pro-II-GS-B/S (335) $279
Hiscox CaseNew Pro-II-GS-BS, Jumbo $279
Hoffee CaseNew Banjo Resonator Black/Red no$950
Hoffee CaseNew F5 Carbon Fiber F5 Mandolin case Black/Green no$750
Hoffee CaseNew OM Black/Red no$1,050
Main Stage CaseNew Dreadnought, White/red $850
Main Stage CaseNew Jumbo, Gryphon sage/pearl $850
Main Stage CaseNew OM, Gryphon sage/pearl no$799
Taylor CaseNew "12" Size Hardshell, New old stock no$150
Taylor CaseNew D Size, New old stock no$150
Taylor CaseNew Old Style Grand Concert Hardshell $85
Taylor CaseGrand Concert, brown c.2000$150
TKL CaseNew Electric Bass-Oblong-Black $90
TKL CaseNew Renaissance Rick Turner Model 1 $225
TKL CaseNew Tenor Banjo w/resonator flat lid (works great with petersen Octave mandolin/Bouzouki too) $65
Unknown CaseBrown fits 16" Archtop 1950s$250
Select, recently sold Instrument Cases
Calton CaseNew Dreadnought, White/red This Case is sold
Calton CaseNew OM, White/red This Case is sold
Calton CaseOM-000OM-0002010 This Case is sold
Harptone CaseLeft-Handed Dreadnought Guitar Case, Fits Martin1980s This Case is sold
Unknown CaseBlack Coffin Case fits Martin Size One & Size Two1800s This Case is sold

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Hiscox PRO-II-EG-B/S, Les Paul

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Hiscox PRO-II-EF-B/S, Strat/Tele

Geib "Flawless" brand case for 18" Archtop Guitar 1940s

Gretsch 17" Archtop Case only c. 1950s

Hiscox Pro-II-GS-B/S (335)


Calton Dreadnought, Black/green

Hiscox LA-GAD-B/S Artist Dreadnought Black

Unknown Brown fits 16" Archtop 1950s