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Instrument Cases In Stock

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Maker Model Type
BAM CaseNew Flight high tech classical case cover ClassicalImport Hard$200
Calton CaseNew Dreadnought, Black/green $995
Calton CaseNew Mandolin, White/red no$685
Calton CaseNew Resonator Banjo, White/red no$825
Collings CaseNew Tenor Ukulele Case Tenor$130
Collings CaseConcert Ukulele Case Concert2013Collings concert uke case$130
G & G CaseNew Jazz Bass Case Brown NA$124
Geib Case"Flawless" brand case for 18" Archtop Guitar 1940s$245
Gibson Case1960s 16" Gibson Case 1960s$250
Gibson Case1963 Gibson EB Case made by Lifton 1963$350
Gretsch Case17" Archtop Case only c. 1950s$165
Hiscox CaseNew LA-GAD-B/S Artist Dreadnought Black no$529
Hiscox CaseNew PRO-II-000-B/S $279
Hiscox CaseNew PRO-II-GAD-B/S $279
Hiscox CaseNew Pro-II-GS-B/S (335) $279
Hoffee CaseNew Banjo Resonator Black/Red no$950
Hoffee CaseNew F5 Carbon Fiber F5 Mandolin case Black/Green no$750
Hoffee CaseNew OM Black/Red no$1,050
Main Stage CaseNew Dreadnought, White/red $850
Main Stage CaseNew Jumbo, Gryphon sage/pearl $850
Main Stage CaseNew OM, Gryphon sage/pearl no$799
Martin CaseBlue Molded Dreadnought 1970s 1970s$175
Taylor CaseNew "12" Size Hardshell, New old stock no$150
Taylor CaseNew D Size, New old stock no$150
Taylor CaseNew Grand Concert, New old stock no$99
Taylor CaseNew Old Style Grand Concert Hardshell $85
Taylor CaseGrand Concert, brown c.2000$150
TKL CaseNew Electric Bass-Oblong-Black $90
TKL CaseNew Renaissance Rick Turner Model 1 $225
TKL CaseNew Tenor Banjo w/resonator flat lid (works great with petersen Octave mandolin/Bouzouki too) $65
Unknown CaseBrown fits 16" Archtop 1950s$250
Select, recently sold Instrument Cases
Calton CaseNew Dreadnought, Granite/red This Case is sold
Calton CaseNew Dreadnought, White/red This Case is sold
Calton CaseNew F5 Custom Grey/blueSold in under 2 weeks
Calton CaseNew OM, White/red This Case is sold
Calton CaseOM-000OM-0002010 This Case is sold
Martin CaseBlue Molded Dreadnought, 1970s excellent1970s This Case is sold

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Geib "Flawless" brand case for 18" Archtop Guitar 1940s

Gretsch 17" Archtop Case only c. 1950s

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Hiscox Pro-II-GS-B/S (335)

Hiscox PRO-II-000-B/S


Calton Dreadnought, Black/green

Hiscox LA-GAD-B/S Artist Dreadnought Black

Unknown Brown fits 16" Archtop 1950s

Martin Blue Molded Dreadnought 1970s 1970s