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Maker Model Type
AER AmplifierNew Compact 60/3 Gig Bag$1,199
Bart Reiter BanjoRegent w/scoop 5 String1993Orig. Hard$1,225
Breedlove Mandolin FamilyNew Legacy OO MandolinOrig. Hard$1,599
Cervantes GuitarNew Crossover 1 PE, Cedar top ClassicalOrig. Hard$1,979
Collings GuitarNew I-35 Deluxe, ThroBak pickups Arch-Top ElectricOrig. Hard$5,715
Collings Mandolin FamilyNew MF, Gloss top, Ivoroid binding, Pickguard MandolinOrig. Hard$4,725
Collings GuitarNew OM2HG Custom, German top, Deep body, 1 3/4" nut Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$4,435
Daisy Rock GuitarNew Comet, Atomic pink Solid Body Electricno$160
Daisy Rock GuitarNew Comet, Platinum Sparkle Solid Body Electricno$160
Daisy Rock GuitarNew Pixie Acoustic, Silver sparkle Steel String AcousticGig Bag$250
Daisy Rock GuitarNew Pixie Acoustic/Electric, Pink Sparkle Steel String AcousticGig Bag$330
Daisy Rock GuitarNew Rock Candy Petite, Atomic pink Solid Body ElectricGig Bag$225
Daisy Rock GuitarNew Wildwood Acoustic, Rainbow sparkle Steel String AcousticGig Bag$190
Deering BanjoNew Classic Goodtime Two 5 Stringno$795
Deering BanjoNew Goodtime Americana 5 Stringno$499
Eastman BanjoNew EBJ-WL1 5 StringOrig. Hard$1,359
Fairbanks BanjoElectric #0 5 String1902Gig Bag$2,950
Fender GuitarJimmie Vaughan "Tex Mex" Solid Body Electricc1997Hardshell$395
Fishman Amplifier AmpNew PRO-LBX-500 Loudbox Mini no$330
Gibson GuitarSJ Steel String Acoustic1968Hardshell$3,200
Gibson GuitarCarson J. Robison Steel String Acousticc. 1938Orig Chip$1,895
Gold Tone BanjoCEB-4 Marcey Marxer Model Cello Banjo2012Orig. Hard$850
Gretsch UkuleleNew G9120-SK Tenor Koa TenorGig Bag$429
Gretsch UkuleleNew Tenor Standard TenorGig Bag$129
Harmony GuitarH-7 Steel String AcousticC. 1975Gig Bag$295
Huipe GuitarClassical Classical2004Orig. Hard$2,500
J. Navarro GuitarNew NC-40 Classicalno$295
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-2 L, Long neck, Concert ConcertOrig. Hard$1,195
Lang BanjoChallenger Tenorc. 1930Chipboard$595
Magnatone Amplifier110 Melodier c. 1953no$550
Martin GuitarNew 000-15SM Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,449
Martin GuitarNew Backpacker, Nylon string Nylon String AcousticGig Bag$255
Martin GuitarNew GPC Custom Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,155
Martin GuitarNew HD-28V Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$3,499
Martin Mandolin FamilyStyle A Mandolin1976Orig$699
Martin GuitarOM-28GE Steel String Acoustic2005Orig. Hard$7,295
Martin GuitarOM-21 Steel String Acoustic2012Orig. Hard$1,675
Martin UkuleleT1K tenor Tenor2012Gig bag$360
National Reso-Phonic GuitarNew NRP B Series Tricone, Black rust ResophonicOrig. Hard$2,550
National Reso-Phonic GuitarNew NRP, 14 fret, Green edgeburst ResophonicOrig. Hard$2,295
National Reso-Phonic GuitarNew Style O ResophonicOrig. Hard$2,890
New World GuitarNew Estudio E615, Cedar top ClassicalOrig. Hard$765
New World GuitarNew Estudio E640, Spruce top ClassicalOrig. Hard$805
New World GuitarNew Estudio E650, Cedar top ClassicalOrig. Hard$805
New World GuitarNew Player P650, Cedar top ClassicalOrig. Hard$1,525
New World GuitarNew Player P650, Spruce top ClassicalOrig. Hard$1,525
Ome Banjo12" Minstrel 5 String2012Orig. Hard$1,550
Paul Reed Smith GuitarSantana Solid Body Electric2011Orig. Hard$1,895
Platt Music Company UkuleleSoprano Sopranoc. 1923Chipboard$480
Recording King GuitarNew RP1-16C Torrefied Top Steel String Acousticno$499
Rickard BanjoNew Maple Ridge, 12", Antiqued brass hardware 5 StringOrig. Hard$1,685
Rickard BanjoNew Tubaphone, 11", Walnut, Antiqued brass hardware 5 StringOrig. Hard$2,400
Rickenbacher AmplifierStandard Style 4 1937$600
Rickenbacher GuitarElectro NS 1-1/2" pickup Lap Steel1949Chipboard$640
Rickenbacher GuitarElectro NS (New Style) Lap Steelc.1948Orig Chip$550
Rickenbacker Guitar365 Arch-Top Electric1967Hardshell$3,350
Santa Cruz GuitarOMPW Steel String Acoustic2013Orig. Hard$3,100
Scott Cao GuitarSCG-02 Solid Spruce Top Nylon String 2005Orig. Hard$399
Supro GuitarFolk Star Resophonic1965Gig Bag$1,250
Taylor GuitarNew 110e, Satin sunburst Steel String AcousticGig Bag$599
Taylor GuitarNew 114e Steel String AcousticGig Bag$599
Taylor GuitarNew 314ce Prototype Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,600
Taylor GuitarNew 324ce-K FLTD Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,799
Taylor GuitarNew 326ce-K FLTD Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,799
Taylor GuitarNew GC7, Left-handed Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,739
Taylor GuitarNew GS Mini-e Koa FLTD Steel String AcousticGig Bag$699
Taylor Guitar214 Steel String Acoustic2006OHSC$595
Traugott GuitarR cutaway, German/Brazilian Steel String Acoustic2006Orig. Calton$18,750
Unknown ViolinMittenwald 19th Centuryold hardshell$1,200
Unknown Japanese GuitarHG-98c with legs Lap Steel1960sOrig. Hard$450
Vega BanjoNew Olde Tyme Wonder, 12" 5 StringOrig. Hard$1,595
Waterloo GuitarNew WL-14XTR Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,890
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Recording King RP1-16C Torrefied Top

National Reso-Phonic NRP B Series Tricone, Black rust

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Breedlove Legacy OO

Martin Style A 1976

Collings MF, Gloss top, Ivoroid binding, Pickguard

New World Player P650, Cedar top

New World Player P650, Spruce top

New World Estudio E615, Cedar top

New World Estudio E640, Spruce top