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Maker Model Type
Bart Reiter BanjoRegent w/scoop 5 String1993Orig. Hard$1,225
Blueridge GuitarNew BR-43 Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$465
Breedlove Mandolin FamilyNew Legacy OO MandolinOrig. Hard$1,599
Cervantes GuitarNew Crossover 1 PE, Cedar top ClassicalOrig. Hard$1,979
Collings GuitarNew I-35 Deluxe, ThroBak pickups Arch-Top ElectricOrig. Hard$5,715
Collings Mandolin FamilyNew MF, Gloss top, Ivoroid binding, Pickguard MandolinOrig. Hard$4,725
Collings GuitarNew OM2HG Custom, German top, Deep body, 1 3/4" nut Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$4,435
Daisy Rock GuitarNew Rock Candy Petite, Atomic pink Solid Body ElectricGig Bag$225
Deering BanjoNew Goodtime 2 5 Stringno$589
Deering BanjoNew Goodtime Americana 5 Stringno$499
Fairbanks BanjoElectric #0 5 String1902Gig Bag$2,950
Fishman Amplifier AmpNew PRO-LBX-500 Loudbox Mini no$330
Gibson GuitarSJ Steel String Acoustic1968Hardshell$3,200
Gretsch UkuleleNew G9120-SK Tenor Koa TenorGig Bag$429
Gretsch UkuleleNew Tenor A.C.E. TenorBlack Bag$219
Gretsch UkuleleNew Tenor Standard TenorGig Bag$129
Gretsch Guitar6122 Country Gentleman Arch-Top Electric1962Orig. Hard$5,700
Harptone CaseNew 18" Archtop No$150
Huipe GuitarClassical Classical2004Orig. Hard$2,500
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-1, Soprano SopranoOrig. Hard$895
Martin GuitarNew 00-15M Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,249
Martin GuitarNew 000-15SM Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,449
Martin GuitarNew 000-18 Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$2,199
Martin GuitarNew GPC Custom Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,155
Martin GuitarNew HD-28V Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$3,499
Martin Mandolin FamilyStyle A Mandolin1976Orig$699
Martin GuitarOM-28GE Steel String Acoustic2005Orig. Hard$7,295
Martin GuitarOM-21 Steel String Acoustic2012Orig. Hard$1,675
National Reso-Phonic GuitarNew NRP B Series Tricone, Black rust ResophonicOrig. Hard$2,550
National Reso-Phonic GuitarNew NRP, 14 fret, Green edgeburst ResophonicOrig. Hard$2,295
National Reso-Phonic GuitarNew Style O ResophonicOrig. Hard$2,890
New World GuitarNew Estudio E640, Spruce top ClassicalOrig. Hard$805
New World GuitarNew Estudio E650, Cedar top ClassicalOrig. Hard$805
New World GuitarNew Player P650, Cedar top ClassicalOrig. Hard$1,525
New World GuitarNew Player P650, Spruce top ClassicalOrig. Hard$1,525
Ome Banjo12" Minstrel 5 String2012Orig. Hard$1,550
Platt Music Company UkuleleSoprano Sopranoc. 1923Chipboard$480
Recording King GuitarNew RP1-16C Torrefied Top Steel String Acousticno$499
Rickenbacher AmplifierStandard Style 4 1937$600
Rickenbacher GuitarElectro NS 1-1/2" pickup Lap Steel1949Chipboard$640
Rickenbacher GuitarElectro NS (New Style) Lap Steelc.1948Orig Chip$550
Rickenbacker Guitar365 Arch-Top Electric1967Hardshell$3,350
Santa Cruz GuitarOMPW Steel String Acoustic2013Orig. Hard$3,100
Supro GuitarFolk Star Resophonic1965Gig Bag$1,250
Taylor GuitarNew 314ce Prototype Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,600
Taylor GuitarNew GC7, Left-handed Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,739
Taylor GuitarNew GS Mini Mahogany Steel String AcousticGig Bag$499
Taylor GuitarGT-8 Baritone Steel String Acoustic2010Orig. Hard$2,100
Taylor GuitarGS Mini W/ ES-Go pickup Steel String Acoustic2012gig bag$395
Traugott GuitarR cutaway, German/Brazilian Steel String Acoustic2006Orig. Calton$18,750
Unknown ViolinMittenwald 19th Centuryold hardshell$1,200
Unknown Japanese GuitarHG-98c with legs Lap Steel1960sOrig. Hard$450
Waterloo GuitarNew WL-14XTR Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$1,890

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Taylor GS Mini W/ ES-Go pickup 2012

Cervantes Crossover 1 PE, Cedar top

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Collings I-35 Deluxe, ThroBak pickups

Waterloo WL-14XTR

Recording King RP1-16C Torrefied Top

National Reso-Phonic NRP B Series Tricone, Black rust

Breedlove Legacy OO

Taylor GT-8 Baritone 2010

Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman 1962