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Gibson Instruments in Stock

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Maker Model Type
Gibson Case1960s 16" Gibson Case 1960s$250
Gibson Case1963 Gibson EB Case made by Lifton 1963$400
Gibson Case1970's 16" 1970$225
Gibson MandolinA-2 1922Orig. Hard$1,985
Gibson MandolinA-2Z 1924Hardshell$4,985
Gibson MandolinA-3 blond top 1914New Hard$1,595
Gibson MandolinA-3 Whiteface 1919Semi-hard$1,775
Gibson MandolinA-4 red sunburst 1920Orig. Hard$2,900
Gibson MandolinA-5L 1995Orig. Hard$2,200
Gibson MandolinA-Junior 1924Orig. Hard$2,500
Gibson GuitarES-175 D Natural (original lefthanded) Left Hand1957Orig. Hard$12,000
Gibson GuitarES-333 Arch-Top Electric2002Orig. Hard$1,350
Gibson MandolinF-5 Master Model 2001Orig. Hard w/cover$14,800
Gibson MandolinF-5L 1990Hardshell$5,275
Gibson GuitarL-6 S Deluxe Electric - Solid Body1976Orig. Hard$895
Gibson GuitarLes Paul Studio Electric - Solid Body1998Gig Bag$795
Gibson GuitarLes Paul Studio White Electric - Solid Body2008Orig. Hard$1,075
Gibson GuitarLG-1 Steel Str.1957Hardshell$1,600
Gibson GuitarSG Standard Electric - Solid Body1979OHSC$1,995
Recently sold Gibson
Gibson AmplifierGA-50T1950 This Amplifier is sold
Gibson BanjoTB-4 "trapdoor"Tenor1923 This Banjo is sold
Gibson BassSG Bass SilverburstElectric - Solid Body2007 This Bass is sold
Gibson GuitarStyle O ArtistArch-Top Acousticc. 1917 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarES-125Arch-Top Electric1966 This Guitar is sold
Gibson Guitar335-S Deluxe Silver burstArch-Top Electric1980 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarLe GrandArch-Top Electric1993 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarES-355 Custom ShopArch-Top Electric1995 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarGS-1Classical1953 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarExplorerElectric - Solid Body1995 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarLes Paul '59 HistoricElectric - Solid Body2001Sold in under 2 weeks
Gibson GuitarHummingbirdSteel Str.1967 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarDove Project GuitarSteel Str.1973 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarJ-160eSteel Str.1999 This Guitar is sold
Gibson GuitarSongwriter Deluxe StandardSteel Str.2009Sold in under 2 weeks
Gibson GuitarAdvanced Jumbo Studio w/M-1Steel Str.2011Sold in under 2 weeks
Gibson MandolinArmy & Navy Special Mandolin1919 This Mandolin is sold
Gibson MandolinA-2 Project Mandolin1920 This Mandolin is sold

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Gibson ES-333 2002

Gibson L-6 S Deluxe 1976

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Gibson Les Paul Studio 1998

Gibson LG-1 1957

Gibson A-Junior 1924

Gibson F-5 Master Model 2001

Gibson F-5L 1990

Gibson A-2Z 1924

Gibson A-3 blond top 1914