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Lessons, Classes, and Instrument Rentals

Gryphon offers ongoing group classes every season for a variety of instruments and musical styles. We also offer one-day workshops from touring musicians and local talents, and we offer private lessons on nearly every stringed instrument from our experienced teachers. Be sure to keep an eye out for the latest workshops, as these sometimes come up at the last minute and can be once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.
» Gryphon Teaching Staff for Individual Lessons
Yes, Gryphon offeres learning opportunities and lessons are available from any of the instructors listed here (with the exception of Carol, who only teaches groups). Scheduling and payment for private lessons is done directly with the instructor, so call the numbers listed below to get started.
» Group Classes
start four times a year (sort of on the quarter system), and usually last ten weeks with a one-hour lesson each week. It's like going to school again, but more fun. If you are on our mailing list, the class schedule also appears in our Gryphon Gazette .
» One-Day Workshops
are also offered by visiting artists and instructors, usually on Saturdays. Sometimes members of the Gryphon teaching staff also offer one-day classes. You can purchase tickets in advance to reserve your place, either by phone or mail.

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Ebay Auctions This Week!

posted Sep 11, 2014
Fresh Auctions Every Week!!

1966 Gibson ES-330

The Gryphon Advantage

posted Sep 09, 2014
One of the things that makes Gryphon special is something, or someplace, most people never see: our repair department. Before we put an instrument out for sale, we set it up for optimum playability. We guarantee that you will have an instrument that will play correctly. If we can't adjust it, we will not sell it. Our six full time technicians stand behind that guarantee. They can also repair and modify your instrument in the future. If you purchased it here, you will get a 25% discount on labor.

This Week's Ebay Auctions

posted Sep 08, 2014
Fresh Auctions Every Week!!

c.1968 Warren White classical Brazilian rosewood project guitar NR

New Ebay Auctions this week

posted Sep 01, 2014
Fresh Auctions Every Week!!

1921 Martin AK All Koa Mandolin

1968 Martin 0-16 NY Guitar Project

pre 1990 West German Violin kit project

New Ebay Auctions this week

posted Aug 29, 2014
Fresh Auctions Every Week!!

1966 Martin 0-16NY Project Guitar

1950s Maccaferri Model G3 Plastic Guitar

1921 Martin AK All Koa Mandolin

1968 Martin 0-16 NY Guitar Project

pre 1990 West German Violin kit project