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Stringed Instrument Rentals

Want to try something new but you're not quite ready to buy another instrument? Gryphon has rentals and we would be happy to set you up with something to get you moving down that musical road. We also have guitars in kids sizes. Sorry, no kid sized fiddles.

We require some information about you, a deposit and the first month's rent. We take your credit card number and charge you the monthly rent, each month, until you bring it back.

Here is the best part. When you bring the instrument back you can apply up to three months rent towards the purchase of a similar instrument. You also get your deposit back. For example, if you rent a guitar for three months that's $75 in rent credit and $75 in returned deposit. That's $150 that you kind of forgot you saved!

The rates are as follows...

  (steel & nylon)
  (Full size only)

$25/month, $75 deposit
Electric Guitars w/amp
$35/month, $100 deposit

Call ahead and make sure that we have what you are looking for - 888 493 2131

Gryphon Stringed Instruments

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Monday through Thursday
10:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

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211 Lambert Avenue
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New Ebay Auctions this week

posted Aug 22, 2014
Fresh Auctions Every Week!!

1973 Martin D-18 Project Guitar

c 1906 Washburn Brazilian Rosewood Bowlback Mandolin Project

1966 Martin 0-16NY Project Guitar

1950s Maccaferri Model G3 Plastic Guitar

New Ebay Auctions this week

posted Aug 18, 2014
Fresh Auctions Every Week!!

1973 Martin D-18 Project Guitar

c 1906 Washburn Brazilian Rosewood Bowlback Mandolin Project

New Ebay Auctions this week

posted Aug 11, 2014

Fresh Auctions Every Week!!

c. 1920 Hawaiian Guitar Koa Parlor guitar

1951 Epiphone Deluxe Regent Arch top guitar

The Gryphon Advantage

posted Jul 07, 2014
One of the things that makes Gryphon special is something, or someplace, most people never see: our repair department. Before we put an instrument out for sale, we set it up for optimum playability. We guarantee that you will have an instrument that will play correctly. If we can't adjust it, we will not sell it. Our six full time technicians stand behind that guarantee. They can also repair and modify your instrument in the future. If you purchased it here, you will get a 25% discount on labor.

The Latest Book with Richard

posted Nov 27, 2013

Here has been another in-depth review of the book in the March issue of Bluegrass Unlimited.

You can read it online here.

Richard wrote 5 of the 11 chapters. Gryphon supplied many of the photos and provided the 1860s Harp guitar profiled in the book.

You can buy a copy at the Gryphon online store!

At your request, Richard will be happy to sign it!