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Martin Guitars: An Illustrated Celebration

Written by Jim Washburn and our own Richard Johnston in 1996, authorized by C. F. Martin. This is a highly readable summary of Martin's long history, connecting Martin guitars with the ever-changing musical trends that shaped popular music in America. - $40

History TechRef Set

Martin Guitars: History and Technical Reference

These books by Richard Johnston and Martin's Dick Boak are the most recent on Martin Guitars authorized by the Martin Company. They began as updated re-writes of the Martin book by company historian Mike Longworth , first released in the early 1970s.. The 'History' covers the Martin family and its instruments from the early 1800s through the present. The 'Technical Refernce' describes the technical evolution of the guitars , describes the features of each Martin style through the years, and has production quantities and other salient statistics. A must have for the Martin aficionado.

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Jack Tuttle Books

Jack Tuttle has been teaching at Gryphon for as long as we can remember. He has compiled collections of tunes for: Bluegrass Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle and Mandolin Traditional fiddle collection. Each one is a great reference book for the most played tunes. Get these books and impress everyone at the next jam.

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Gibson's Fabulous Flat-Top Guitars

Practically anything anyone would need to know about Gibson acoustics. A generous portion of photos as well as plenty of technical reference, makes this book extra handy for anyone wanting to identify and date their Gibson. - $29.99


American Fiddle Method

This method has become the standard for kids and adults alike. Brian Wicklund has hit the sweet spot. The tunes represent the best in fiddling. The attention to bowing and rhythm is excellent for beginners and intermediate players.

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The Fiddler's Fakebook

The best anthology of fiddle tunes popularly played in the United States. If the tune is in this book then is almost certainly played at festivals and jams. It covers bluegrass,old time,cajun,irish,texes style and contra dance favorites. An excellent overview of what's being played today. - $24.99


Norman's Rare Guitars

In addition to containing a jaw dropping collection of high quality photos which show an impressive array of rare acoustic and electric guitars, this book also makes for an excellent reference manual. Clear photos showing careful detail of original parts and finishes makes this a must for anyone wishing to accurately identify rare and high value instruments. - $39.95


Beatles Gear

Andy Babiuk spent years researching this book that features the oft-told story of the Beatles. While that story has been told umpteen times, this tells the story of the group through the equipment that they used. Many photos show both the actual gear owned by the group as well as similar examples in cases when the originals were not available. - $40


The Really Good Book of Standard Bluegrass Songs

Accurate transcriptions of the lyrics to the best Bluegrass songs. The best collection out there. - $20


The Jazz Theory Book - Mark Levine

Mark Levine is a well known grammy nominated Bay Area pianist and leader of Mark Levine and the Latin Tinge. When most people hear the words 'Jazz Theory' they usually run for cover, but Mark has taken the topic and made it...well...almost easy. Arguably the best book on the subject . - $42


Black Sabbath for Ukulele

Go ahead. Imagine Ozzy Osbourne - Hawaii - metal with a lei - and, voila, a book complete with lyrics, chords, tab and all those riffs you thought you'd only hear through a Marshall stack. Can you say "power chords on a uke?" Turn up the night! - $14.99


Beatles Complete Chord Song Book

This book is laid out in an excellent fashion; every officially released Beatles song is written out with lyrics and chord progressions contained across two pages. No need for flipping, and ideal for jams, get togethers and solo fun. - $24.99


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