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Bristol BD-16 Dreadnought Steel String Guitar

The Bristol BD-16 guitar is a great guitar for beginners but it also is an instrument that can satisfy an experienced guitar player, too. Even though it has a spruce laminate top and sapele laminate back and sides, we find the sound to be almost indistinguishable from some excellent solid wood instruments. Great for keeping in the office to get that extra hour of practice when work gets slow! We offer low cost gig bags.

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Bristol BM-16 000 Auditorium Steel String Guitar

Here is the auditorium size Bristol. It is a 000 with spruce laminate top and mahogany laminate back and sides, but is very close in sound to a solid wood 000. This guitar represents an amazing value to sound ratio. It's thinner and smaller than its dreadnought brother, but the BD-16 really has a sound that is ideal for the most picky fingerpickers. Reasonably priced gig bag available as an accessory.

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Blueridge BR-40 Dreadnought Steel String Guitar

This moderatly priced dreadnought will stand the comparison visually and tonally to any guitar in it's price range. The BR-40 is certainly the workhorse of the Blueridge line. Every detail makes for easy playability and great Pre-War sound. Price includes hardshell case. - $465


Blueridge BR-43 Auditorium Steel String Guitar

The Blueridge BR-43 is the perfect Auditorium size guitar. This body is taken from the OM body shape. This BR-43 makes an ideal instrument for the beginning student looking for a more ergonomic body shape. The shallow body depth is well suited for finger style guitar playing. Price includes hardshell case. - $465


Deering Goodtime Openback Banjo

The Deering Goodtime is a welcome relief for beginners looking for an affordably priced banjo without breaking the bank. The folks at Deering have designed an instrument that has what it needs to sound like a real banjo, and left off everything else. The result is a deceptively modest looking instrument that delivers the snap and twang associated with costlier models. They have done this by using a real five ply maple shell and a solid maple neck. What this does is create real banjo tone, that desirable "twang". Low cost gig bag availabe.

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