1965 Gibson RB-250

Gibson RB-250

This Gibson RB250 was made in 1965 and it has survived with all its original parts intact, including the cam-style Scruggs pegs, Grover 5th-string peg and bowtie inlays. Except for some rather odd models from Vega, and newcomer Ode, Gibson was about your only choice in new bluegrass banjos in the early to mid-1960s, and this RB250 was high on just about every pickers list. There’s some wear to the back of the resonator, and some fret wear, but other than that the only thing that’s been changed on this 1965 Mastertone is the head, the bridge, and of course the strings. This banjo even includes  its original Lifton hardshell case, making this a real time machine.

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Gibson RB-250


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