2018 Joel Di Mauro Classical Guitar


Joel Di Mauro is a young luthier based in Santa Cruz, California. This striking classical guitar was built in 2018 and the back and sides are made from avodire with ebony accents. Avodire is a central African hardwood that, although it looks like maple, has a density closer to mahogany. This guitar has a clear, ringing tone and sounds great for various classical guitar styles. It also sound very good for jazz.

About Joel Di Mauro: Joel Di Mauro began building classical guitars in 2012 under the tutleage of Brian Burns in Fort Bragg, California. Di Mauro also studied different aspects of guitar construction with Harry Fleishman, Al Calderon and Matt Mustapick. Di Mauro builds 3 to 4 guitars a year in his small workshop in Santa Cruz, California. His uses traditional methods of construction but he also likes to experiment with more unusual tonewoods. When he’s not playing music or building guitars, Joel Di Mauro is a career firefighter.

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