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We just got our first batch of Asher Electro Hawaiian Junior steel guitars are we are very impressed. Asher uses lighter-weight African mahogany for his neck-through-body construction, a technique that provides the optimal foundation for creating an impressive resonance and tonal range. The Electro Hawaiian Junior is fitted with a pair of high output humbuckers that produce a huge sound with depth and clarity without being too dark.

The Junior’s slightly wider string spacing allows for effortless playability making it a great crossover instrument for standard guitar, Dobro and Weissenborn players. It also has  also now has 24 frets, which allows easy access to the 3rd octave. A newly designed aluminum wrap-around bridge with flat radius has been added for improved body contact, string spacing and sustain. The has a Granadillo fretboard which is CITIES compliant, so this lap steel can safely travel across international borders.

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Asher Steel Guitar

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