Avante by Veillette Gryphon 12-String


The Avante by Veillette Gryphon 12-string is one of our favorite guitars around here, and not just because it has a well chosen name. This small instrument has a unique tone with a natural chorus effect that recalls mandolin, bouzouki or the high strings of a 12-string guitar. Designed by Joe Veillette, the Gryphon has a short 18 1/8th-inch scale length and twelve strings that are tuned in six unison pairs. The Gryphon is designed for D tuning, basically the equivalent of capoing at the 10th fret of a guitar in standard tuning. When played with a flatpick, it’s easy to play mandolin-style parts and when fingerpicked it has a lovely,chiming bell-like sonority. You can put a capo on the second fret, which puts it a full octave above standard tuning, making it perfect for doubling or layering parts in the studio or in jam sessions.


Avante by Veillette Gryphon 12-String

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