Lots of Big Bottom Basses at Gryphon!


Over fifteen new, used, and vintage electric basses at Gryphon, including half a dozen versions of the jazz bass? What gives? We’re the first to admit that in the past Gryphon has hardly been on SF Bay Area bass buyers’ radar, but some great gear with only four strings and really long necks have been turning up. Thanks to Gryphon Repair Dept. ace Brian Michael being a bassist, these are all set up by someone who knows what bass players need. Some are almost like new, some have a fair amount of wear, some are standard Fender bass models and a few were made by small independent workshops (NashLakland, Sadowsky).  We have lots of choices from under five hundred bucks to a stunning 1962 Fender Bass VI for only $7500. And yes, we even have a brand new bass, the most beautiful of the lot, a Rick Turner RB-4 made of stunning curly maple in a lovely shaded finish. We also have bass amps if you want to give one or more of these a trial run.

Rick Turner RB-4 Bass in Flamed Maple

Rick Turner RB-4 Bass in Flamed Maple


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