Black Friday Offerings

Black Friday at Gryphon

“How much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black.” — Nigel Tufnel

Black is formal, elegant, and mysterious. Whether clad in a tuxedo, little black dress, or dressing down in jeans and your band’s t-shirt, playing with a black instrument makes a powerful statement.

Here are some of Gryphon’s favorite black instruments on this most auspicious of days, Black Friday.

Pictured above: Taylor 214ce Deluxe Black, Martin 00-17 Black Smoke, Waterloo WL-14xtr, Airline Tuxedo, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Northfield NF-F2SB Mandolin, Collings Concert Ukulele

Come visit us in the shop on Black Friday November 25th from 10:30am through 5:30pm to try out all the black instruments.

Click on the text above the image to learn more about the instrument.

Taylor 214ce DLX>
Martin 00-17>
Waterloo WL-14xtr>
Airline Tuxedo>
Gibson Les Paul>
Northfield NF-F2>
Taylor 214ce Deluxe Black Martin 00-17 Black Smoke Waterloo WL-14xtr Airline Tuxedo Gibson Les Paul Studio Northfield NF-F2SB Mandolin
Collings Concert>
1950 Silvertone>
Eastman MD415>
 Eastman T184>
1977 Fender Strat>
 Fluke M20 Black>
Collings Concert Ukulele 1950 Silvertone Art Deco Eastman MD415-BK NEW Eastman T184-MX LS Black 1977 Fender Stratocaster Fluke M20 Black

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