Collings I-30 LC


The Collings I-30 LC is our best-selling Collings electric guitar, and all you have to do is play one for a few minutes and you’ll see why. The I-30 LC is a double cutaway, fully-hollow, P-90 equipped beauty and it’s one of the most versatile electric guitars Collings has ever offered. The top and back are custom laminated by Collings and voiced for acoustic guitar-like responsiveness while retaining enough stiffness to resist feedback. The I-30 LC works for just about any style, including jazz, blues, rock n’ roll and country. 

Part of its sonic secret, apart from the impeccable craftsmanship, is that it has a lightweight, “trestle” braced body. Trestle bracing was pioneered by Gretsch in the late 1950s and by coupling the guitar’s top to the back you increase sustain and also decrease its susceptibility to feedback. It’s fitted with two Lollar Dog Ear P-90s, which are perfectly matched to the instrument’s acoustic response and offer a wide palette of tones from rich jazzy warmth to 1960’s British Invasion style chime. Drawing its inspiration from both classic electric designs and Collings’s own previous models, the I-30 LC is an exciting step forward and an intriguing new sound.

Collings I-30 LC

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