Ed Johnson’s Winter Classes Start January 14

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Ed Johnson’s Winter Classes begin Monday January 14 and run through Monday March 11 (note: no classes held February 18)
Cost per class is $180. Register at www.edbjohnson.com
A Beatles Retrospective
The Beatles are like an old friend – you revisit them and find new ways to appreciate them! These two eight-week classes will feature acoustic arrangements of some of their most dynamic repertoire, spanning their years together as one the best rock bands ever.
EASY BEATLES: A collection of songs arranged for ease of playing. We’ll use simple strumming and picking techniques, along with first position chords and an occasional bar chord.
(Students should have a working knowledge of first position chords. We’ll cover techniques using a pick as well as finger style. Monday 6:30-7:25pm)
MORE CHALLENGING BEATLES: This class will feature more intricate arrangements, using flatpuck and finger style techniques, as well as chords in both first position and up the neck. (Students shoukd have a firm knowledge of first position chords, basic bar chords, and have experience in both flatpucking and finger picking. Monday 7:30-8:25pm)

To register, go to www.edbjohnson.com

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