Hand Washing: Good for your health, good for your strings!

hand washing

Hand Washing: Good for Your Health, Good for Your Strings!

For health reasons, we’re hand washing a lot more often than we used to. But did you know there’s an additional benefit if you wash your hands before you play your guitar? 

If you look at the wound strings on your guitar closely, you’ll notice that windings look a lot like the coils of a spring. Dirt and oil from our hands collect in those windings, gumming them up and robbing them of the springiness they had when they were new. Washing and drying your hands before you play will remove that grime and will help keep your strings sounding newer, longer. Wiping down your strings with a dry cloth after you play also helps your strings sound fresh.

Over time, though, no amount of cleaning will bring your strings back to life. That’s the time to replace them. We stock a wide variety of strings for all the instruments we carry, but we are partial to our house brand, which we use to restring all the guitars in our showroom. Speaking of strings, we’re excited to announce our new set for electric guitar, which are made for us by D’Addario, and feature artwork by Robert Armstrong. 

hand washing


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