Kenny Corso

Kenny Corso is a soulful bay area guitarist whose versatility is his principal strength.  He has recorded and performed with Casual Soul, Rick Vandivier, Michael Steven, Tracy Cruz, Allen Ross, Prince Damons, Phoenix Vonje, Michael Thomas, Scott Primeau, and Kambui (Signatural). Kenny is currently working as a guitarist and producer on an upcoming album for San Francisco singer/ songwriter  Michael Steven.  In the past year he has worked extensively with bay area R&B producer Allen Ross as a session guitarist on Tracy Cruz’s upcoming album and various projects. Recently, Kenny has been performing live guitar loops locally.

  Born in San Mateo, California, Kenny picked up the guitar at age 13.  A late night viewing of Stevie Ray Vaughn at Texas City Limits proved to be the catalyst for a passion for the guitar that runs deep. He explored the work of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, and Carlos Santana, as well popular rock groups such as Nirvana, Green Day, Pearl Jam,and DMB. While employed at Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto, Kenny began studying jazz guitar with Rick Vandivier. Through this relationship, he went onto becoming a performance graduate of the improvised music program at SJSU where he studied jazz under many phenomenal local musicians such as Rick Vandivier, Aaron Lington, Frank Sumares, Wayne Wallace, and John Shifflett.

  In addition to performance, Kenny has become a gifted educator, helping many local youth learn and love the guitar. Able to teach rock, pop, folk, blues, contemporary christian, and jazz, he is building his name as a sought after educator. In addition to private lessons, Kenny has worked as an instructor for Bandworks, a local rock band workshop.

  Kenny lives in Mountain View, California with his beautiful wife Elisabeth.