Valerie Rose

Irish fiddle and/or classical violin for all ages

Irish fiddle lessons
Bring the the unique lilt of Irish music to your fiddle playing! We’ll explore the rhythms, ornamentation, and nuanced phrasing of Irish music while building your tune repertoire. Based on your interests, we may also explore topics such as playing in a session, playing for Irish dancers, understanding the scales/modes used in Irish music, how to harmonize within the tradition, and using the fiddle as an accompaniment instrument. Suitable both for complete beginners and for violinists/fiddlers who play other styles of music.

Classical violin
Learn classical violin technique along with music theory, sight-reading, ear training, and overall musicianship. Perfect not only for those interested in classical music, and also for fiddlers who want to enhance their playing with elements of classical technique such as vibrato and playing in positions.

About Valerie Rose
Valerie performs extensively throughout the Bay Area, playing Irish, classical, contradance, Balkan, and more. She has been an instructor at California Coast Music Camp, and is also a conductor, violinist, arranger, and vocal soloist for the Gryphon Carolers, a unique Bay Area ensemble that presents fun and innovative music for the holidays.She enjoys helping students in developing a real connection to the violin/fiddle, exploring different styles of music, and putting it all in context with an understanding of music theory.