1933 National Style 1 Tricone Guitar


We are very excited to offer a very clean roundneck National Style 1 Tricone from 1933. National started making their triple-coned, metal bodied guitars in 1927 and ceased production in 1942, due to wartime material restrictions. During that 14-year stretch they made about 7500 tricones of which around 2000 had the round, Spanish-style necks. (The rest had square necks, which was the favored shape for Hawaiian steel-style guitarists, who were the major market for National guitars back then.)

This particular guitar is in excellent condition with only a few minor scuffs and scratches here and there. There are no dents and the soldered body seams at are tight. The neck between the nut and the heel appears to have been oversprayed at sometime in the past. The tuning machines and the cones appear to be original.



This guitar includes the original hardshell case as well as a modern tweed case from Cedar Creek that was custom ordered with nickel plated hardware to match the finish of the guitar.

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