New Collings Baritone 2H Guitar

Colings Baritone 2H

The Collings Baritone 2H is one of the best sounding baritone guitars we have ever heard. Collings worked this magic by basing the design on the classic 12-fret Dreadnought shape. To accommodate the 27 1/2 inch string scale they lengthened the neck to 13 frets and the long scale, fat strings and low tuning combine to produce a tone that is rich,resonant and rumbling, while still retaining clarity and projection. If you want a little more sparkle on the high end, the Baritone is available in mahogany.

Guitars with low tunings sometimes lack volume and require lots of picking energy to get the body vibrating. The Collings Baritone is designed to efficiently transfer string energy to the body, allowing notes to leap off of the guitar with ease. Sadly, Baritone guitars are not very common, which is unfortunate because they sound great and offer an easy way for guitarists to expand their sonic palettes. Because the body of the Collings Baritone is based on a standard, large  guitar body, it’s physically easy to play. 

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Collings Baritone 2H

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