NEW Lowden O-35 Alpine Spruce/Chechen Rosewood


This Lowden o-35 is the first guitar we have seen made with Chechen Rosewood and Alpine spruce and we have to say we are very impressed with the result. The guitar produces just the right amount of low-end response and over-tones, while keeping a clear, crisp treble response. The guitar’s appearance is enhanced with Maple binding and a Paua rosette. Chechen rosewood is sometimes called Caribbean rosewood, but although it often comes from Central America it also grows in southern Mexico.


George Lowden and crew have done an excellent job of sourcing different alternative tonewoods, and building guitars that offer combinations of soundboard and body woods that no other major guitarmakers offer. We have similar 0 body Lowdens to this one but with different woods, offering players a chance to compare and contrast what these different materials lend to the sound of a steel string guitar. You’ll be amazed at the difference between a mahogany Lowden 0 with Western Red Cedar soundboard compared to this rosewood 0 with Alpine spruce top, for example.

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