NEW Nash T-63 Charlie Christian

Nash Charlie Christian

This Nash T-63 Charlie Christian is fitted with one of the most recognizable pickups out there. The Charlie Christian pickup, which is made by Jason Lollar, is installed in the neck position and produces a rich, mellow tone and exceptional clarity that leaves no doubt that you are hearing one of the best-designed pickups ever. The Christian pickup  is paired with a custom Lollar bridge pickup. The longer scale length of the T-63 produces a bright, crisp timbre which, when combined with the Christian neck pickup, has a tone that might be described as fat twang.

The pickup takes its name from Charlie Christian, the legendary musician who used the unique tone of the pickup in his Gibson ES-150 to create the template for amplified jazz guitar in the 1930s. Players like T-Bone Walker, Oscar Moore, Barney Kessel, Kenny Burrel, Danny Gattonl and Herb Ellis have all used guitars fitted with Charlie Christian pickups.

For years, Charlie Christian-style pickups were hard to come by. They are complicated to build and because there were so few players who were aware of their versatility, pickup makers didn’t feel that they could put in the time and effort to tool up to make them. Happily, Jason Lollar was up to the challenge. Lollar produces a number of variations of the Charlie Christian that are designed to fit in different types of guitars.

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Nash Charlie Christian



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