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Taylor Custom Shop
Our Latest Batch of Custom Taylors
by Alex Jordan
Last October I visited the Taylor Custom Shop with a double agenda: I wanted to see what new and exciting things were happening down there but I was also carrying a folder with six order forms for Custom Taylors that Gryphon staff members had spec’d out.  Our goal with this particular batch was to build guitars that we thought would sound interesting and be aesthetically pleasing, but without being unreasonably expensive. This was my first visit to the Taylor factory and I was impressed with their professionalism, hospitality, and overall enthusiasm.  With the help of Josh Van Dermark and Billy Gill, our Taylor rep, I had an enjoyable time picking out custom wood sets, learning about Taylor’s commitment to sustainable guitar woods, and witnessing first hand their fearlessness in pushing the envelope of guitar construction and sound.
I also had the fortune of catching Andy Powers in his workshop and hearing an impromptu lecture about the virtues of ebony as an instrument wood as well as getting a preview of the new V-Class Grand Concert and all new Grand Pacific models (both of which I was sworn to absolute secrecy about, at least until they were unveiled at the NAMM show in January).  I was amazed at the number of wood sets I was allowed to pick through and everyone at Gryphon is very happy with the results from the Taylor Custom shop. Please come by the shop and play them! And if you don’t see exactly what you want, don’t forget you can custom order a Taylor guitar built to your own specifications.
Taylor Custom Shop
Taylor Custom ShopTaylor Custom Shop Taylor Custom Shop Taylor Custom Shop Taylor Custom Shop

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