Rhinestones and Twanging Tones


Richard Johnston

Rhinestones and Twanging Tones

The Look and Sound of Country Music

Jim Washburn

Here’s a collection of compelling stories and photographs about the fancy guitars played by country music stars, and the colorful outfits those performers wore onstage. Mac Yasuda, a seasoned vintage guitar collector and dealer and a frequent Gryphon customer, is a lifelong country music fan who began collecting both the guitars and the stage clothes of his favorite Grand Ole Opry stars over thirty years ago. And Mac didn’t just collect, he also performed onstage with his heroes like Hank Snow and could hold his own on guitar and vocals.


The result of Mac Yasuda’s passion for the flashy side of country music is a compelling visual treat.  Fancy Nudie suits and the sparkling pearl guitars of Porter Wagoner, Webb Pierce, and dozens of other stars gives you a backstage pass, and a front row seat, to one of the most uniquely American styles of music.


Jim Washburn is one of the few people writing about guitars who is a writer first and a guitar nerd second.  Jim wrote columns for years for the Orange County Weekly, back when it was a sister publication to the Village Voice, and his keen wit makes everything he writes a joy for the reader.  He and his friend Mac Yasuda have done an excellent job of making the visual joy of Mac’s impressive collection a public treat.  But beware, it’s impossible to take a shallow dip into Rhinestones and Twanging Tones, as one outlandish Nudie suit leads to another, just as it did for the performers who wore them, and their legendary guitars are also here in all their gleaming glory.


Rhinestones and Twanging Tones

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