Turner Model 1 and Renaissance Deuce


Michael John Simmons-

With its distinctive body shape, unique rotating pickup and amazingly versatile tone, Rick Turner’s Model 1 has an undeniable iconic visual and sonic design. And while it is available in gorgeous woods like figured maple, koa, acacia and sycamore, the most popular version is the rather austere mahogany version pictured here. This version of the Model 1 is based on the guitars that Rick Turner has been building for Lindsey Buckingham for decades. Like Buckingham’s guitars, this Model 1 has a piezo pickup in the bridge, which allows you switch to a more acoustic sound when desired. It also has a parametric EQ, which can produce an incredible range of tones.



Along with the Model 1, Rick Turner has also designed the Renaissance line of acoustic guitars. These are available in a range of pickup configurations, including the Deuce, which includes an magnetic pickup along with the acoustic transducer. This particular Renaissance is more special than the others, though, because Rick opted to fit it with the same rotating humbucker found in the Model 1 guitars. He also finished it in the some color as the Lindsey Buckingham Model 1, which I think makes for a very cool matched set of guitars. Rick Turner’s guitar are beautifully crafted and they sound great. Please stop on by and see if they are right for you.

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