Alfred Aguiniga

A natural born tinkerer, Alfred recalls that he used to take toys apart just to learn how they work, even if they didn’t always go back together. If it’s broken, chances are he can find a way to fix it. Alfred has been repairing professionally for about eight years (and almost double that working on his own instruments). He specializes in electronics and wiring and enjoys the satisfaction of a solid, clean, wiring job. Alfred says that, “Building and repairing is a passion in my life and it’s always been a dream of mine to join the crew at Gryphon.” In his down time (when not fixing guitars), Alfred often crafts creations out of various natural materials such as abalone or wood. “Crafting something that is both beautiful and useable out of raw materials is something I love.” The Gryphon crew is very excited to add Alfred’s experience and expertise to the team!

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