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The Workshop

Our repair staff are well-trained and experienced with all manner of stringed instrument repairs and restoration

The quality of our instrument repair and support is one of the things that differentiates us from other stringed instrument dealers, and you can be assured your instrument repairs will be carried out as if the instruments were our own.

We are a Martin, Taylor (Gold Level) and Lowden Authorized Service Center, and can complete most warranty work on the premises.

Stringed Instrument Repair services include:

  • Instrument set-up to ensure optimal playability, tone and volume
  • Warranty work and maintenance
  • Neck resets, refrets, saddles and adjustments
  • Crack repairs and finish work
  • Acoustic stringed instrument upgrades and replacement parts
  • Adding pickups and electronics to acoustic instruments (Click here for more information)
  • Electric guitar repairs, modifications and upgrades such as tremolo installs and pickup swapping.
  • Vintage stringed instrument restorations, specializing in vintage Martin guitars and other fine instruments
  • Vintage Fender and Gibson solid body restoration and repair
  • Hollowbody/archtop restoration and repair
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Repair Crew

Frank Ford

Hideo Tateno

Alfred Aguiniga

Brian Michael

Alex Mayers

Luke Doughty