Vintage Restorations

Restoring vintage instruments for future generations

Restoration can take on a number of different forms, depending on the instrument’s style, age and condition. The goal of the restorer is to employ the same materials, procedures and parts used in the original construction, and it can take a long while and a lot of experience to master the arcane techniques of the past.

As restorers, we’re often faced with reproducing original style components from rare or exotic materials, some of which have been endangered or nearly unavailable for generations. Parts are frequently unavailable even if the manufacturer is still in operation. We rely on salvage for obsolete parts and have a reputation for keeping some pretty unusual items.

People often refer to our restoration techniques as practicing lost arts. While not exactly “lost” they may be obsolete in today’s world of computer-aided manufacture.

Our years of doing restoration have given us a good view of how various kinds of repair techniques and materials perform over the years. That’s important for our work because we want to keep these older instruments in good shape for future generations.

Repairing major cracks on a vintage guitar top

A Restored 1968 Guild 12-String

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