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Our appraisals have never been easier, or as comprehensive

Gryphon does far more appraisals these days than we used to, and for good reason. Determining the accurate replacement cost for an instrument can be difficult, and many insurance companies require a formal appraisal in order to establish today’s market value. Some instruments have greatly increased in value, while others have actually decreased.

 Fortunately, a Gryphon appraisal has never been easier, or as comprehensive.If you’ve checked our website listings for used and vintage instruments lately, you may have noticed the numerous photos we’ve posted. Now you too can have a visual record of your instrument with your Gryphon appraisal. Appraisals are $120 with pictures and $60 for a full write-up but with no photos. As with repairs, we offer a 25% discount if the instrument was purchased at Gryphon.

Getting Richard to wear his Antiques Roadshow approved coat and tie rather than a t-shirt, however, requires an additional five bucks! Seriously though, appointments for all appraisals are required. Remember that quick visual appraisals, with no written documentation, are still free. Sometimes customers worry that they’ll have to pay to find out if the instrument they may want appraised is worth the $60 fee, but nope! We’ll tell you approximately what your instrument is worth so you can then decide if you want, or need, to have a written appraisal.Check out some of Richard’s appearances on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow by clicking the pictures below.

More Appraisals by Richard on Antiques Roadshow

  • 1962 Sonic Blue Fender Stratocaster
  • Fender Telecaster Guitars with Beatles Photo, ca. 1960
  • 1956 N. Brown-Owned Gibson L-5C Guitar
  • May Singhi Breen Ukuleles & Case, ca. 1930
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