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Luke Doughty

Repair Crew Member

We first met Luke Doughty about a decade ago when he came into the shop in search of an archtop guitar to play in his band, the Luke Doughty Quintet. Over the years, we’d see him regularly when he’d stop by to check out the latest arrivals of vintage Gibson L-5s or 1950s Fender amps. During one visit he mentioned that he had been setting up and repairing acoustic and electric guitars since 2017. When we saw the high quality of his work, we eagerly offered him a job.

Luke’s favorite guitarists are Django Reinhardt and Martin Simpson, two musicians that are well loved by everyone here. While he has worked on a variety of fretted instruments, he has a particular passion for acoustic and electric archtops. Luke holds a BA in Philosophy from UC Berkeley and a MA in Philosophy from San Francisco State University, an unusual background for a musician and luthier, but we are glad he has put aside his search for the meaning of life and has decided to devote his time to getting broken instruments back to making music.


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