Richard Johnston

Gryphon Co-Founder / Office Denizen

Richard is one of Gryphon’s Founding Flounders and the editor of our house newsletter, The Gryphon eGazette. He’s an expert on vintage Martins, and has co-authored several books on that company’s instruments, most recently “Martin Guitars: A History” and the companion volume “Martin Guitars: A Technical Reference” published by Hal Leonard. He’s also a Contributing Editor at Acoustic Guitar magazine.

Over the decades, Richard has appraised thousands of guitars, mandolins and other instruments here at Gryphon and he has been an expert appraiser for Antiques Roadshow since the 2007 Season. If you have a vintage instrument you would like to have appraised for insurance, or one you would like to sell or consign, chances are you’ll want to talk to him, so call or email for an appointment. When not at Gryphon, he’s likely to be found on one of his many bicycles, trying to temporarily forget about old instruments.