Taylor Guitars 50th Anniversary Showcase on Saturday, May 18

On Saturday, May 18, come help us celebrate Taylor's 50th Anniversary

The Martin 15 Series

Martins 15 Series of mahogany guitars are the plainest instruments they make, but they pack a sonic wallop.

Fender Stratocasters

The Fender Stratocaster is so ubiquitous these days it’s difficult to imagine how modern it must have looked to players back in 1954 when it was fi...

Our Current eBay Auctions

We started our eBay auctions as a way to clear out the impressive collection of instruments needing work in our attic.

The Future of Gryphon's Repair Department

An update from Brian Michael on Gryphon's Repair Department. (Spoiler Alert: Frank Ford's legacy will continue.)

Taylor's Grand Theater Models

We long hoped Taylor would make a small all-solid wood guitar. The Grand Theater is even better than expected.

Fender American Vintage II

When we signed on as Fender dealers, we were perhaps most excited to stock the American Vintage II series.

The Frank Ford Scholarship Fund

The Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery is pleased to announce the launch of the Frank Ford Scholarship Fund. 

Frank Ford 1944-2023

We are heartbroken to announce that Frank Ford, Gryphon's co-founder, has passed away.

Carr Amplifiers

We are proud to carry Carr amps, which are crafted in Pittsboro, North Carolina by Steve Carr and his crew. 

Fender Telecasters

The Fender Telecaster is a paradoxical guitar. On the one hand, when it was introduced by Fender in 1950 under the Broadcaster name, it was basical...

Taylor Academy Series: Great Tone, Great Price

The Taylor Academy Series of guitars offer excellent sound and playability at a modest price.