Martin Custom D-45 LH and other Left Handed Guitars

Check out our selection of new and used left handed fretted instruments.

New Northfield and Eastman Octave Mandolins in Stock!

We are very excited to offer an assortment of different octave mandolins for sale, more than we've ever had at one time. Octave Mandolins are fast ...

Our Current eBay Auctions

We started our eBay auctions as a way to clear out the impressive collection of instruments needing work in our attic.

New Nash Guitars and Basses In Stock!

We’ve stocked Nash Guitars for over 15 years and we are always excited to open one of their shipments. 

Les Pauls. Lots and Lots of Les Pauls.

Gibson's Les Paul is one of the most iconic guitars of all time. We are happy to present a nice batch of used examples including a 2020 Slash Stand...

Martin Road Series Guitars

Martin's Road Series uses modern building techniques to create great sounding affordable guitars.

Gryphon's Richard Johnston on how COVID is Affecting the Music Industry.

In the current issue of Premier Guitar, our own Richard Johnston looks at how COVID is affecting the music industry. More Info>  

Gryphon and Heroes' Voices on the latest Fretboard Journal Podcast

Here's a great interview with our pal Larry Chung and his work with Heroes' Voices.

Wegen Picks Back in Stock!

Wegen picks are hand crafted by artisan Michel Wegen and his crew in the Netherlands. They are easy to grip, durable, and improve the tone of your ...

Upcoming Scarcity of Instruments and Accessories (With Some Good News)

Halloween is past but we have some slightly scary news for those who are thinking of sending a musical-themed gift for the holidays. You've all he...


Here’s a fun old Oahu squareneck with a pretty serious problem. It’s a laminate top with a bolt through each wing of the bridge. As the top relaxe...

Carr Amplifiers

We are proud to carry Carr amplifiers, which  are crafted in Pittsboro, North Carolina by Steve Carr and his talented crew. They boast unique circu...