Our Current eBay Auctions

We started our eBay auctions as a way to clear out the impressive collection of instruments needing work, and the parts to fix them, that have accumulated in our attic over the decades. We purchased them all with the intention of fixing them up to sell when the repair shop had some down time. Well, the flow of customer repairs has never slowed and some of these instruments have been up there for decades. It's time to face the fact that if something has been sitting there for ten or twenty years, we are not likely to ever get around to fixing it. And even with that example, we are still taking in instruments that need work but instead of sitting on them for thirty years, we're putting them up on eBay right away.

We start new auctions every Thursday so check back regularly. Who knows what treasures will show up?

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Circa 1931 Weymann Model 748
Circa 1930 NOS Unused Carved Maple Guitar Back
from Regal or Harmony
NOS StewMac 11-inch Notched Banjo Tension Hoop 
Five (5) Aged Oversized Amazon Rosewood Bridge Blanks
or Ukulele Fretboards
Four (4) Rosewood Friction Pegs for Vintage Martin Ukuleles
NOS Waverly 3-On-Plate Gold Plated
Guitar Tuners For Slotted Headstock