Calton Cases Offer Maximum Protection

For more than 40 years, Calton Cases have offered  the maximum amount of protection for your valuable fretted instrument. The newest versions of the popular travel cases are made in Austin, Texas and combine modern construction techniques like CNC machining with old-world hand work to custom fit each interior, ensuring a safe and secure home for your instrument.

The shells of Calton cases are constructed of an outer layer of gel-coat, which gives the case its color and the first level of protection. The next layer is a composite sandwich of fiberglass and reinforcing foam, a construction process that provides for a high strength-to-weight ratio. The latches are protected by the new Calton Catch Surround, a unique hard rubber bezel that is angled to deflect a blow which would otherwise damage or break the latch.

The interior of the case is fitted with thick foam padding covered with plush, color-fast velvet which will not bleed into the finish of the instrument. The foam is custom fitted to each case which allows a snug fit that ensures the instrument is well padded and protected. Calton Cases are designed to withstand pressure up to 1100 lbs and to survive impacts from up to 9 ft. They are also designed to maintain interior humidity for at least 72 hours, even when external humidity rises or falls by 40%. The rubber tongue and groove trim keeps moisture out and helps maintain a consistent humidity level when the case is closed.

We always try to stock a handful of Calton Cases for standard guitar, mandolin and banjos sizes but we can special order a case for just about any fretted instrument in a wide range of interior/exterior color combinations. If you are looking for a case to keep your musical adventures from turning into misadventures, the offerings from Calton will fit the bill.