KR String Mandolindos and Octolindos in Stock!

Kilin Reece, the driving force behind KR Strings, is a well-known luthier and Hawaiian music historian based in Honolulu. After years of building and repairing a wide range of fretted instruments Kilin has designed two new instruments. The Octolindo is a flat-top octave mandolin that comes in a variety of styles. Thanks to a scalloped X-braced Engelmann spruce tops these are big-sounding octave mandolins with a deep, throaty tone and plenty of volume. The relatively short (21.5 inch) string scale and radiused fingerboard makes them remarkably easy to play.

His other instrument, the Mandolindo, is a sort of cross between a mandolin and a steel-string ukulele. These hybrids have excellent tone with plenty of volume, and the radiused fingerboard makes chords easy to finger. For the mandolinist, these instruments offer extra hours of practice without the effort of fingering a double-strung instrument. For the uke player, a Mandolindo offers extra volume and projection which is especially welcome when playing acoustically with louder instruments like the guitar.

KR Strings Mandolindo Artist Mandolin

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