New Northfield, KR Strings and Eastman Octave Mandolins in Stock!

We are very excited to offer an assortment of different octave mandolins for sale, more than we've ever had at one time. Octave Mandolins are fast becoming a staple in a variety of musical styles including Celtic and Americana. They are tuned to the same intervals as a standard mandolin, only an octave down, which maintains the chime and natural chorusing effect of the mandolin’s double strings, but it brings the down into the vocal range for most singers. (Just check out the music of Sarah Jarosz to see how effective an octave mandolin can be with a singer.) 

The Northfields have guitar-shaped bodies, a style that sits comfortably in your lap when you’re sitting down. We have two models with solid, carved tops, a construction technique that produces a rich, throaty timbre. The NFO-AT1 has mahogany back and sides while the NFO-AT2 has maple back and sides. Both have Alpine spruce tops. The two flattop Northfields we have are the NFO-FT2, which has an Italian spruce top and maple back and sides, and the NFO0FT1W, which has black walnut top, back and sides. 

And after waiting for more than a year, we finally have more of the popular Eastman MDO305s back in stock. This instrument has a pear-shaped mandola body with an octave mandolin neck. (Aficionados of Gibson’s odder efforts can be forgiven for thinking these look a lot like the Tenor Lute, an instrument Gibson made in the early 1920s.) 


Northfield NFO-AT1 Octave Mandolin


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