1960's Hofner Beatle Bass neck reset...

A very cool 60’s Hofner Beatle bass landed on the repair counter recently. The owner explained that the neck fell off when he last took it out of the case. There were no signs of trauma, just tired and dried up glue in the pocket and on the heel of the neck.

I took it in for a neck reset and proceeded to clean off all the old hide glue.

The neck angle was surprisingly good, so only a little material was shaved off the bottom of the heel. The tenon was a bit of a loose fit in the pocket though, so once the angle was set, I glued on a pair of mahogany shims order to get the fit dialed in nice and tight.

Once the glue was dried, the shims needed to be cut down to fit the pocket nice and snug.

Then after the fit was just right, I glued the neck back in.

Here it is all strung up and ready to go.